Leaky incision?

I'm 4 weeks PP.  Since I had my c/s, one of the corners of the incision has had a little nub sticking out of it (it looks and feels like a hard zit).  I figured it was the sutures poking out, and my doctor never said a word about it, so I didn't worry.  Fast forward to this past weekend, the area around it grew bright red, inflamed, and hurt to the touch.  Last night, I noticed that it was leaking pus.  I went to the doctor today thinking it was infected.  I saw a nurse practitioner who said it was no big deal - pus/drainage is a good sign, its probably an infected hair follicle but not bad enough to warrant antibiotics.  She sent me home with instructions to use a warm compress/heating pad a few times a day to draw out the pus, and to keep an eye on it.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this??  I guess since my doctor isn't worried, I shouldn't be either, but the area really hurts and I feel like it's worse than it seems (though that's probably my anxiety speaking).  I go back in two weeks for my 6-week PP appt, and I'm seeing a different doctor than the one I saw today, so I'm definitely going to bring it up with her.

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  • That does sound bad, I would be woried too. I had some yellow drainage 4 days after my last c-section, I called my Dr and she wanted to see me. After looking at it she said it was fine. But with yours being red and all it sounds much worse. But her explanation does sound like it could be right.



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  • I had something similar. It even smelled. Although I am also over weight. So fat hung over a bit. I worked very hard to keep it dry.

    Anyway, they decided it was not bad enough to do anything and I can't remember what they said, but I followed their directions and it cleared up.

    Edited: The hard thing in the corner of mine that looked like the beginnings of a zit (red bump) ended up being where the knot was for the internal stitches.around 8 weeks pp it worked it's way to the surface.


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  • I ended up with a staph infection in my incision. It was on one of the corners, red and ***. They cultured the puss and called me the next day with a prescription for antibiotics. I would keep my eye on it if I were you, and if it doesn't get better or seems to get worse ask them to culture it.
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    I also have a bit of an overhang, and it's hard to keep the incision dry and clean.  Some of my underwear doesn't fit right and it rubs against the incision, which I think might have caused some of the irritation (I bought new granny-panty underwear, which while unattractive, fits much better).  It really hurts now, but I think it's because the nurse was pushing on it, trying to get the pus out.  I'm definitely keeping an eye on it, and I'm going to ask again at my 6-week appt.  Thanks for the advice!
  • I wouldn't wait, I would see someone else right away. It sounds like what mins did about a month pp and I actually had to get froze and let them scrape out all the puss and drain it out. Plus I was put on antibiotics. It cleared up and healed fine but I wouldn't of wanted to wait.

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