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Welp, wasn't expecting that one! [BFP!]

Holy Shiit!!!!

I am literally in complete shock. After 21 months we are finally KTFU!!!

What we did: winged it! This was our "off" month before IUI next cycle so I was taking a break from all the temping. I did look out for EWCM and just had fun. We we actually only had sex like 4 or 5 times this cycle from being so yeah I'm shocked.

I wasn't even going to test today because I'm only on CD 25...which normally I don't even ovulate until 20something. I've been sick for two days. Really nauseous and threw up a lot today. DH said he knew it. I was dumbfounded.

The mushy crap: thank you all SO much!!! If it weren't for some of you brilliant ladies, I probably would have taken that unmonitored clomid that my dr offered and I never would have thought to ask for a referral to an RE.

How I told DH: I planned to give DH a cute onezie and a card, but he calle asking about the results. And I couldn't hold it in. Borringgggg.

I'm so excited, but still very cautious because of our last cp. stick baby stick!

EDD: March 29, 2014 [two days before dh's birthday!]




Re: Welp, wasn't expecting that one! [BFP!]

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