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Food Amount ?


Just saw this chart, which I think is the same as the one at my pedi office.  Does this at all resemble what your LO is eating?  It's a good day if R eats 1/4 jar of stage 2 food...

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Re: Food Amount ?

  • I've really worked to up her food intake in the last few weeks. On a good day she will eat two 3.5oz food pouches or containers and some puffs.

    I feel like she eats a lot less than many of the babies on this board, but I'm okay with that.

    ETA: I try to offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and between those 3 meals we usually get in 3 to 3.5 oz of yogurt or oatmeal mixed with fruit and one 3.5 oz pouch or container of a fruit or veggie or mix. We haven't done meats yet because it disgusts me.
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  • for dinner alone, here's what E had Sunday night:

    3 oz breastmilk

    half a breaded chicken breast

    1/4 avocado

    1 pouch of veggies

    1 round of babybel cheese

    1/4 a bagel


    now. a lot of that ended up on the floor but lately he can really pack it in. He's also a nearly 22 lbs boy.

    I think it totally depends on the baby. I mean, think about adults, I eat a ton, others not so much.  

  • rvascrvasc
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     No way.

    Andplusalso she has all these food allergies, so it is hard to just give her what we are eating, because even though I'm restricting my diet, I'm not yet paying attention to "processed on the same equipment" warnings.

     I have officially given myself permission not to stress about how much food C eats. I offer three times a day. The pedi said not to worry too much.

    I am going to bring it up at our 9 month appointment next week.

    I remember how I freaked about getting her to give up the swaddle, and then one day she just didn't want it anymore. I kind of think food will be the same way. One day she'll just be interested.

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  • My two combined don't even eat that much. Last week when we were at the pedi, she just asked if they were getting a variety of foods. She never told me a certain amount they had to have.
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  • sdudesdude
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    Yes I could say this resemble what my baby eat in a day
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