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How do you know?

Weird question.  How do you know if your LO just does NOT like a food.   DS has been on solids for about 2 months.  He has tried bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans and carrots.  I pureed pears over the weekend and EVERY time I try feeding him the pears, he chokes.  Which is strange because he has NEVER done that before and the pears are super pureed, it isnt even as thick as his sweet potatoes.  Could he be choking on them just because he really HATES pears, or would it be something else?  

Also, he used to eat almost 2 ounces of food at a time, he was probably going through a growth spurt, but now it is a challenge to get him to even eat 5 bites.  Why would that be?  

Any help would be fantastic, I am at a loss.  Thanks- 

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Re: How do you know?

  • Is it possible that maybe their too thin? I make DS's food and I accidentally made his bananas too thin and he did that, I added a little rice cereal to thicken it up and he did fine afterwards, my LO HATES peas haha I think its the texture, but every time I tried to feed him peas he'd spit it right back out, make this awful face and kept turning away from me. If that doesn't work you can try mixing pears with something else that you know he likes.
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    he's not choking unless he can't breath - he's probably just gaging on the taste or texture.

    try cheerios. maybe the purees are too thin as pp said.

    have you read on baby led weaning?

    some kids hate purees 

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    Could just be a weird texture that he doesnt know how to handle.

    Dd hates bananas. She will eat one or two bites and not open her mouth again.

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  • Mine HATES bananas. Fresh, pureed, doesn't matter, totally hates them. Loves everything else he has tried, but when i give him banana he refuses to take it, and yells. Kind of a bummer since they are so good for you, but maybe he'll grow out of it.

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  • When my LO doesn't like something so far only green bean she does the gagging thing too. She makes the funniest face like it is the grossest thing ever. She also does this when she doesn't want anymore.

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    DD gags when she doesn't like something. Right now.. peas. Pears seems like something all babies would like, but Im sure not all do.

    I would just wait a couple months and try them again.

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  • Sometimes you have to introduce them to a food over and over again.  Like, I can't remember the actual number that's recommended, but I'm thinking of upwards of 25 times.  Anyway, if I were you I would just try again in a bit.  Maybe it's the puree he doesn't like (pureed pears are kind of gritty, IME).  Maybe LO will like it better when they can eat chunks of it instead.  Don't give up completely though.  Unless there's an underlying sensitivity or something a kid will typically come around on things they "don't like".  Sometimes it just takes some time for them to get a taste for it.   
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  • DS gags when he doesn't like something. He did it with avocado and still won't eat it. He did it the first time with peas but the 2nd, 3rd, etc time he was fine. Just keep trying different foods/flavors. Also I wouldn't worry about the amount of solids fluctuating as long as he is eating enough BM or formula. I just try to remember the "food before one is just for fun" saying. DS has days where he downs 1oz like he's never eaten before and days when he'll just take two bites!
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  • thanks ladies!  As usual, you are all a TON of help! :)  Thanks again for the advice.  Ill try them in about another month or try little chunks.  
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  • I add a little rice cereal to thicken up baby food. I think it helps!
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    My pedi said that it could take up to 15 separate offerings of a food before DD would be accepting of it. I would just keep offering. I also think pears are gritty, and your LO may be gagging because of the texture.

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