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what do you do during nap time?

If your child still naps how long do they sleep and what do you do during this time? Do you use it to accomplish chores or take some r&r time to yourself?



My ds usually naps for 40 minutes once a day (but we are  now working having quiet time/nap for 90 minutes.  I usually use this time to relax, bump, wach tv and get one or two chores done. 

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Re: what do you do during nap time?

  • Usually nap time = my workout time.  We have a treadmill and elliptical in the basement.  I also have 4 Jillian DVD's.

    Today, I need to mow so I ran while she was awake & occupied with her sisters so I can mow while she sleeps. 

  • Right now I'm laying in bed. Haha. So hot.
  • caybehcaybeh
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    DS usually sleeps around two hours. I take a nap too for awhile and then I just putz and do some r&r for myself. 
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  • I usually clean or cook and watch DRVd shows while I do that,  I also pop in here during naptime.  If I finish up before she wakes I will read or lay down for a bit myself.  She use to sleep for 2-3 hours.  Lately it's more like an hour/hour and a half.
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  • Now that it is summer DD is napping again so I usually get about 2 hours of nap time.   Usually I clean and/or work on crafts but I usually sneak a few minutes of bumping in there somewhere.
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  • Nap or quiet time is my dinner prep-work time.  I try to get everything ready, from chopping the veggies, to measuring out the seasonings and liquids.  

    That gives me 30 minutes to prep our afternoon fun or nest, whichever works.  

  • I clean/bump/relax etc. I am going to make cookies today ;)

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  • id012id012
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    It different every day. He sleeps for like 2.53 hours. Tonight i have to work so im going to jump in the showrr in a min.
    I usally fold laundry and do the dishes. Clean up the house, think.about dinner. Bump. Watch netflix. Window shop online.
  • ta78ta78
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    Sometimes he naps, sometimes he doesn't.

    I should do things like laundry and dishes... but I usually Bump, catch up on shows, read some blogs, shop online. 

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  • depends on the day. Usually I definitely clean, straighten up, do laundry and rest. My daughter still takes 3 hour naps though, plus about 30-45 minutes to fall asleep. 

    I barely slept at all last night and we have been out of the house since before 10, so I am definitely resting.  

    My daughter is my hero.
  • I have two sets of nappers, so when the wee one takes a morning nap I do a handson projects with the 2 yr olds.  If all three nap at the same time in the afternoon, I workout, eat lunch, and do a chore.  If they don't overlap I usually have to skip working out. 

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  • DS2 sleeps for about 1.5 hrs. I usually clean the kitchen, do art stuff with DS1, or he does his vision therapy homework then. I do usually have time to relax, it's def my sleepy time of day.
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  • Nap time is time for me to relax. I do cleaning and stuff when she is awake.
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  • My kids don't take naps anymore.  They have quiet time instead.  While they have their quiet time, I usually take some time for myself, like right now.  If it's a day where my kids have an activity until pretty late, I might do some dinner prep, so that we can eat shortly after we get home.  On days when I'm feeling really productive, I'll do some cleaning. 
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  • I use to nap w. DS.  Now I am either working, cleaning or I watch a show.  DS does not sleep as long as he use to.
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  • DS1 goes to school at 12:30.  DS1 and I get back around 1 and he goes for a nap.  I get about 1-1.5 hours to get everything cleaned up before I have to wake DS2 up to go get DS1.

    Or DS2 stays up until we get DS1 and passes out in the car on the way home.  Then I get to clean up, feed DS1, and get dinner made.

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  • DD naps for over 2 hours. Ds has quiet time for a little over an hour.  I use the hour he's upstairs as total me time...snack and trash tv and playing online.  After he's up, we watch some food network together and I intermittently play with him, do chores, or nap.
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  • jjt616jjt616
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    Dd sleeps for about two hours. I usually prepped dinner, did down cleaning/laundry or catch up on things. Now that I'm in my first trimester I just am lucky to stay awake until her nap time and then I sleep as long as she does.


  • Nap time = my lunch time and R&R time.
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  • At three weeks postpartum I nap when all three of my kids nap. When the baby starts STTN I'll use naptime as work time/chores. That's what I did before I had the baby, do I imagine that's what I'll do again
  • My son usually takes two 2 hour naps a nap.  The first one, I sleep too.  The second one, I work out and eat lunch in peace.  
  • DD naps once a day for 2-3 hours. I take about an hour or so to relax, and then the rest of the time I spend prepping dinner, tidying up, working in the garden, and doing some chores. 

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  • I might relax a little, do chores like pay bills online, do some yoga, take a shower and dry my hair. That seems to be a huge luxury right now
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  • image Hav=Fath:
    Which regular was it that said the best part of naps was being able to masturbate? :o) 

    I had totally forgotten about that post. That was hilarious!



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  • DS typically naps for 1-1.5 hours, though the last couple weeks it has been more like 2.  I get chores done and bump most days.
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