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XP- Grumpy baby, day after 1st day of daycare

Yesterday was DD first day of daycare. She is 5/12 months old. I have been working two  4 hour shifts at work since she was 4 weeks old. I worked during office hours so it was just me and DD so I always took pnp and toys and answered the phone when it rang. She stayed home with DH 3 maybe 4 times while I worked and he had the day off. Last week she stayed home all day with DH while I filled in for the office manager for a day. Yesterday I started back full days so DD went to daycare for the first time. This was her first time away from both DH and myself at the same time, and only her second full day away from me. DH picked her up from daycare yesterday around 4 and her teacher said she did great. She only took 2 30 mins naps, which I expected being in a new environment with new ppl. She was extremely fussy when I got home at 5:30. DH went to the gym (apparently he had a really bad day at work bc he rarely goes to the gym alone). I took the time to spend with DD. We played for about 30 mins all the while she was whiny! I gave her a bottle at 6:15ish and then a bath. She was asleep around 7:20. She slept all night until 5:30. I got her up and gave her a bottle since it had been almost 12 hrs since her last feeding. She ate, then played til 8:30 then took a 20 min nap. She has been whinning/crying ever since. I have tried tummy time, singing, playing with toys, exersaucer, rocking, cuddling, bottle and even checked for teeth. Nothing  was working. I finally went and put her back in her crib and let her CIO for 15 mins. She then fell asleep for about 45 mins. (So I did too) She is now playing in her exersaucer and seems fine.

 Is normal behavior after being away from the parents at daycare/babysitter? Or is my baby being extra clingy/fussy? 


Sorry this is so long. I guess I just needed to type it all out so I can prove to myself that I tried everything and that I'm not being a bad momma!

Re: XP- Grumpy baby, day after 1st day of daycare

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