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Blocked Tear Duct

Since the day DS was born he has had drainage from both of his eyes, the left eye finally stopped about a month ago but his right eye is still draining really bad, usually in the morning he can't even open his eye because there is so much gunk, and the lid is always swollen from him rubbing it so much, we've been doing lacrimal eye massages and they're not helping, he has his 6 month appointment in 2 weeks and his pedi is going to refer him to a pediatric opthamologist and depending on what they think DS may have surgery to get the tear duct cleaned out. Anyone going through this or have any experience? I know it's a minor surgery and but it still makes me nervous. : /
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Re: Blocked Tear Duct

  • My daughters are 6.5 months. From birth, one of them had a clogged duct. I would massage and do everything I could, but the pedi said most of them clear up on their own before 1. Sure enough, it started getting less and less, and by about 5/5.5 months, it was cleared up. My friend's daughter has it as well, and she is 9 months and still has it. They are just not referring her to a pedi opthamologist, but will still give her until a year for it to clear up before doing the surgery. 
  • See I've heard it both ways, I've heard that doctor's wait until after they're a year old to see if it clears up, and then I've heard that they prefer to do surgery before they're a year old. Ugh So frustrating.
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  • BTW your twins are gorgeous!! 
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  • Thank you so much! 

    Have you seen any improvement? I would probably talk to the opthamologist and get their opinion. Tough call. It's never easy to see our little ones go through anything, no matter how minor!  

  • DD was born with blocked ducts.  For the very first couple of weeks her eyes would get pretty gunky, but one of them opened up really quickly.  The other one remained blocked, but we think it was probably open a little bit.  It didn't keep getting gunky, but would water pretty frequently.  

    We were facing the referral at 6mo also, but thankfully just in the last couple of weeks the other duct seems to have opened as well.  I don't think it's an issue anymore.

    My niece (who is 2 months older than DD) basically had the same scenario that we did.  She was referred to the eye doctor at 6mo and they felt that the eye that was still affected was becoming lazy because she was constantly looking through blurred vision due to the watery eye.  She's going to have the procedure to open it up here very soon.  The thing is, I guess there's a good chance that it won't fix the problem.  I really don't know about it though because thankfully we're not going to have to cross that bridge.  I would just be sure to weigh pros and cons.  From what I understand the ducts typically open on their own by 1yr if not sooner.   

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  • Oh my goodness, I didn't even consider that he was constantly looking through blurred vision, eek. And no I haven't seen any improvement, his eye waters constantly and I am always taking a wet washcloth to eye trying to clean the gunk out and the dry crusted stuff, ugh. I'm just ready to see what the opthamologist says, obviously I don't want him to have surgery so young, but at the same time I don't want him to have any lasting effects from it. 
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  • My sister was born with blocked ducts but didn't have surgery until she was 1. I guess the doctor told my parents that they can sometimes open up on there own. It was a very minor surgery and it was fixed instantly.

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  • Ds needed a procedure to open his duct at 14 months old. It was a pretty easy procedure, but still frustrating to have to go through it. It worked well though and he never had a  problem with it again after.
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  • We went to the eye doctor yesterday for this very thing. His right eye seems to be getting better but his left is still very wet all the time. He suggested that we wait a month or two and if it doesn't clear up call to schedule the procedure. He said it takes 5 minutes to complete. He said generally it will fix it but sometimes they have have to do it a second time and if that's the case they will you a balloon. So we will probably wait a month and see if there is any improvement and if not then call to schedule it. Our doctor was very thorough and covered every question I would have had. Good luck at your appt!

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