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Which comes first?

Hi all,

I was looking for some insight on starting the nursery.  We are Team Green, so it needs to be more neutral friendly.  I have searched and have lots of ideas (thank you Pinterest).  But, I was wondering which you decided on first...paint color or bedding sets?

All the furniture is going to be white.  We like the gray/navy/white theme for a boy and gray/pink for a girl.  My DH also loves this aqua color that we saw at the paint store.  Do you think that would be too many colors (gray/pink/aqua or gray/navy/aqua)??

 I just don't want to fall in love with a paint color and then not find a bedding that goes.  I am probably thinking way too much into this, but was just looking to pick some of your brains for thoughts. :-)  

Any insight you have is greatly appreciated.  :-) 

Re: Which comes first?

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    We were team green with both kids and the nursery is aqua/lime/coral/navy.  I chose the wall color first and then had to find fabrics to match it which wasn't the best course of action.  I would have picked the fabrics first if I could go back.  That said, it was much more complicated for us because we had very bold and specific colors in mind so matching them was more difficult.  If your colors are more subdued and you aren't matching exactly it would be easier.  

    I think you don't have too many colors at all personally.  But I LOVE color!  

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    I had a really hard time finding bedding I liked, I spent way too much time looking online and in every store I could think of. If I were in your situation I'd start with the bedding first because it would be easier to find paint colors that match it.
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  • We didn't do a bedding set so we picked paint and a wall decal first. If you want a set then I would pick that first. Then you will be sure to get a matching paint.

    We have many colors in the nursery so I think that's fine. We have blue/green/aqua with white and grey furniture and light pink paint. It's just a matter of preference.
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  • We chose the paint first and-our overall house gray and then an accent wall in dark turquoise. These would have been the color for either sex-and we found out we're having b/g twins. 

    That being said there was no bedding set that I loved or felt was worth spending the money. I ended up making the bed skirts and 1 blanket myself and will just buy sheets.  I did buy one blanket from etsy and then based the 2nd one off of that. 


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  • We knew the general color scheme, but then went searching for bedding sets and found what we wanted. I'm pretty particular about different shades. We are doing a grey, tan and white. Grey walls, and accent with grey/tan/white stripes. We are going to match the shades of the grey and tan (wall paint) to the actual bedding.
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    I would start with bedding first... you can match just about any paint color to your fabric but not vice versa. 


    Also I don't think going with Grey and Aqua and then adding either pink or navy is too much at all.  I might be biased though because our nursery is gray, navy and aqua.  Big Smile

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  • I used to always start with paint colour first and then decorate around that (for all room decor, not just nursery).  That is, until I started watching Sarah Richardson and design shows.  Now I find an 'inspiration' item to build the room decor around (bedding is an excellent one) and choose paint colour last.  It's much easier to find a slightly different shade in paint than to have to toss out bedding ideas you like because of the colour.

    Hope that helps! 

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  • i would choose color palate first, then bedding, then paint.
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    Thank you everyone for the insight.  Glad to hear so many of you have the same color scheme going too!! I'll have to show DH the bedding that I have been looking at.  Then probably order some fabric samples just to be safe.  It's good to know that I wasn't totally out of my mind thinking we were doing it backwards, but I guess he is eager to paint :-) 
  • Skip the bedding; you won't use it. Purchase the main decorations you want to use, like a rug or the pictures that will hang in the nursery. Some focal point on which to base the wall color. Wall decals are the best.

    We were team green too. I bought wall decals in white, walls were brown gray would work too and bed sheet was green. After DD was born I added bits of pink in addition to the green. Easy!

    I LOvE aqua and would totally go with aqua or grey walls, then add dark blue or green?? if its a boy or bright pink for a girl. Fwiw, DD's first bday theme was primarily dark pink and aqua so cute!
  • we also did a gender neutral nursery and white furniture.

    we decided on the paint color first because I had painted different samples of colors i thought i liked on the walls and i hated them all :-)

    we didn't do a bedding set. I decided on white sheets (so I could bleach them is needed) and my mom sewed a bed skirt that matched what colors we picked. She also sewed curtains of another fabric we picked out. She and my aunt made the baby quilts (as shower gifts). It isn't "matchy matchy" totally coordinated, but I am not a huge fan of that anyway. :-)  

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    We were team green and went with a neutral nursery as well - aqua, gray and added orange after having a boy.  We did the paint color first (aqua walls) and went from there.  DS does not have a bedding set though since I could never find anything very neutral that I liked, plus you don't use so many pieces of the set that it seemed sort of wasteful.  We just bought different colored sheets and I made a bedskirt. 

    As long as your wall color is somewhat neutral, maybe the gray, I think you could do the walls first and go from there. 


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  • I went bedding first... PBK Lahaina.  (So mad its discontinued)  But thats just because I knew I wanted a surf themed nursery since we have our surfboards already in the room. And I wasn't too fussed on having pink in a little girls room.


    I think your colours sound neat.  I might consider doing grey, white, and aqua.  Then you can add navy or pink accents once you know.  So I'd probably do grey walls, white furniture, and aqua fabrics.  I wouldn't stress too much about the bedding.  To me, the bedding is more like gravy.  I'm glad I have it, but its not needed.  I have the quilt, sheet and bedskirt (kicking myself now for not getting the bumpers).  To be honest, the quilt is just in the way, but i wanted it for when we use the bed as his toddler bed.  The sheets are ok, but I would be more than happy with just a plain navy sheet (which I'm actually going to go out and buy today).  And well the crib skirt, is cute, but again I would have been fine with something plain.  (i.e. white with a navy stripe, or Aqua in your case).

    Good luck! 

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    •  Thank you!! I really like that idea!!! My DH really liked the aqua on the walls (we were going to do gray on the bottom, then we have a chair rail around the room to divide it, then aqua on the top) but I felt like it was just too much.  But you're right on with using some aqua in the bedding/sheets.  I REALLY like the aqua and pink combo for a girl so I was hesitant to give up the aqua completely.  I'm sure he'll be ok with these ideas!!! Thank you!!! :-)

    • Also, just to clarify on the "bedding" wording.  I know much of it isn't used and they usually come in sets.  The ones I have been finding online you can buy in separates.  I am not good with a sewing machine (wish I was though) to make my own bed skirt, so when I say "bedding" I really mean the separate pieces...i.e. bed skirt, patterned sheets. 
    • Thank you all again for the input!!! Much appreciated!!! 
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