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grrrr! up all night what should I do?

So my LO used to sleep through the night or only wake once to eat.  She has been waking up multiple times a night since about 4.5 months.  She is now 5 months and I was hoping it was just a growth spurt but I think it has been going on for too long to consider it that.  Last night she woke up 4 times! I am trying to research what I should be doing and the advice is so conflicting! One expert says feed her more during the day another says that causes her to want to eat every 2 hours at night.  One expert says let them cry it out and another says they are hungry due to distracted eating during the day.  I don't know what to do and I can tell this is becoming a pattern.  Anyone successfully got their baby back to sleeping through the night?  How did you do it?

Re: grrrr! up all night what should I do?

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    No advice I'm right there with you! I am not feeding him bc I really
    Don't think he's hungry. The one time
    I tried he fell asleep after an ounce. He doesn't full out cry it's
    More whining for like An hour but you can tell he's so tired. I'm going on 3 weeks of this and it's so brutal. Hang in there !!
  • If LO is not full-out crying, I try to let him go for 3 - 5 minutes before going in.  I think a lot of times he is just making noise in his sleep and I actually wake him up by going in there.  But if I am sure he is awake and need something, I try everything I can without taking LO out of the crib:

    turning on the mobile/music

    turning on white noise (we always have the white noise machine on, but when he wakes up in the middle of the night, we also run the vacuum cleaner in his room!)

    turning on or off the nightlight

    rubbing/patting his back and shusshing with no eye contact


    Not sure if any of this will help, but it has been working for us.  Good luck!


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  • Thanks you guys.  I will give your suggestions a try.  I just tried to let her cry it out for an hour when she woke up from a nap after 10 minutes.  It was totally brutal and she never fell asleep.  She was huffing and gulping even after I picked her up and rocked her. sigh I don't think crying it out is going to be an option for me so I hope something works soon.
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    I think we're over the hump. E was really bad at about 4 months, sleeping 12 hours a night with only one wakeup, down to 8 hours a night with 4 wake ups.
    I kept bringing her into bed with me to feed her which is probably why it's takig so long to get through this. But any rocking or shushing just makes her more angry so I give in and nurse her.
    She's only waking up twice a night lately.
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  • Oh dear! I went through this and boy oh boy did it suck!! It lasted about 4 weeks and honestly is still somewhat going on but we've all gotten a bit used to it so it's not so bad anymore. 

    In our case, I think we were hit with a 4 month sleep regression coupled with a serious drop in my BM supply. DD was hungry and because she was also wakeful, it was a bad combination. We added an extra bottle into her daytime feeding routine and it seems to have helped. But, she's also another month older so it could be that too.

    I finally started bringing her into bed with me so I could even get a little sleep. Now we're still bedsharing and we'll just see how it goes from here!  

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  • I just nurse her. It is all that works. She will toss and turn and whine in her sleep, but after I nurse her she sleeps soundly again. Right now she is waking up 3 times which has been going on for a week.  

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