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How much floor time

Someone posted about American people using exersaucers, (and things like it) and how their baby spend most playtime on a blanket. It got me thinking, my baby is hardly on a blanket. First off he hated tummy time, and screamed bloody murder, so I would turn him over after a few minutes. Then he could roll, so now (and for awhile now) he just rolls the minute he gets on his belly. Also he was starting to get a small flat spot on his head, and I went a bit nuts about it . Now he is almost always held even though the spot is gone, because I am a little crazy about his head. He is pretty immobile which is ok, but I think the hating tummy time, rolling over, and being held a lot is contributing. I am just curious if anyone else has a LO who has hardly any tummy, and play time on the floor. 
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Re: How much floor time

  • We are kind of the opposite.  Mine is happiest scooting/rolling around and shoving DS1's scary toys with tiny wheels and cords in his mouth.  No idea how to "babyproof" a 2 yr old! :)  The exersaucer is where I stick him when he needs to stay safe.



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  • DD doesn't have much floor time. She also hated tummy time with a passion, so we only ever did that for a few minutes at a time. And I felt like she would get bored just laying on her back on the floor.

    She spends a lot of her time in her bouncy seat. I don't even turn it on, she just likes to sit there and kick and play with whatever toy I give her. Now that she can roll though, I think I am going to start putting her on the floor more often. I feel like she won't be as bored anymore now that she can move around better and grab toys.

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  • Jack didn't really like being on the floor at all, and he really disliked tummy time, so he didn't get a lot of floor time as a baby.  Plus, it was hard to let him be on the floor when he was attached to my boob 24/7 :-/

    Rhys, on the other hand, loves to be on his tummy. In fact, I can't keep him off of it.  As soon as I set him down, he flips over onto his belly.  Even if he's covered in poop and I'm trying to change his diaper (this is one of many reasons I do all diaper changes on the floor now). 

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  • Almost all of his awake time is on the floor, other than quick car rides to and from day care, as many snuggles with mommy as he'll tolerate, during feedings, and maybe 15 to 30 minutes a day in the jumperoo or high chair. He loves it and is now crawling, so floor time will probably increase, and I suspect this will be at the detriment of those snuggle with mommy minutes...

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  • DD loves to play at standing up, but I always try to get her to "exercise", as I call it or tummy time to everyone else, first. If she's fussy and she doesn't roll over herself or if she is in my arms, I try to get her on her tummy before I try anything else. She gets several sessions a day in but I don't watch the clock. Most of the time she will initiate tummy time on her own by rolling over.

    ETA: I want her to practice moving on her own as much as I can get her to. She uses me for support a lot. Hopefully more tummy time=more independence for her. She wants me to hold her up all of the time and I know we will both be so relieved when she can do it for herself.

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  • DD2 gets a LOT of tummy time.  If I put her on the floor, she rolls onto her tummy.  She still does not roll tummy to back so she will cry when she has had enough.  It doesn't hurt that her big sister is on the floor with her.  She adores big sis!  She enjoys her exersaucer and usually plays in it while DH and I eat dinner.
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