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Stay at home moms- Advice Please!

Hello all of you stay at home moms-

I am in need of some advice/suggestions. I have a 2 1/2 year old and 8 month old and have been working part time with them in daycare since they were old enough to go- I was really working for me- financially we just can't cut it anymore and I am about to start staying at home with them. I am kind of freaking out. Any advice on how to start? Are there any good blogs that are helpful? How much are you dedicating of your day to learning/playing. Anything would be great! Thank you!! 

Re: Stay at home moms- Advice Please!

  • I'm not a SAHM, but I think having a routine is key to feeling like you're not just wandering aimlessly through the days. So, Monday is library day, Tuesday is park day, etc. Make a point to have regular outings with and without the kids. Don't feel bad to get "me time", so take an hour on Saturday where H has the kids and you go to coffee shop and read or whatever.

    IMO kids don't need a "structured" learning environment at that age, they learn by playing and doing. So continue to do things like read, coloring/art, playing games, etc. and they will do fine. 

    Also, the 2.5yr old can help a lot with chores/such so don't be afraid to enlist the kids with all the daily grind. Picking up toys, sorting socks, putting dishes in the sink, throw out trash, wipe the table, etc. You'd be surprised how much they love to be helpful.  Some parents even find getting child sized tools makes life easier, so get a small broom for example and LO can sweep the kitchen while you load the dishwasher.  IMO learning from an early age you are expected to be a productive member of the household will pay off exponentially as LO gets older.

    Good luck with your transition! 

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    I am not a SAHM but is a SAHD. The key to his days with the kids is routine. Up in the morning, breakfast and out in the morning to do something (library, shopping,etc). Lunch for all then nap for DD then afternoon activity (playdate, museum, park) depending on the day.

    I think it's in the perspective/personality.....i too would be of your camp thinking omg, structure, learning, playing...what are they SUPPOSED to be doing! Don't stress out. The kids are learning and developing so much from where they go and what they do. DS is in preschool during the school year which is great for him at 4 mornings a week. Summer is no school so a bit more challenging for ideas to keep both kids moving.

    The library is a staple of the week. Storytime is great fun and during the summer there is a summer reading program that even DD at years can participate in and enjoy. When it's not blazing hot like today, the playground is part of the daily routine (there are a few they rotate). Our membership to the children's museum is gold b/c on the incredibly hot days or cold days, it's off to the museum for an hour or 3 hrs. Routine errands are important such as grocery shopping, farmers market shopping, trips to target, etc. Same goes for attempting to clean and do normal house stuff as PP stated.

    DS has some little pals and DH will host a playdate usually 1-2x weekly (or vice versa at another house).

    You might be surprised what is around for kids even as young as your kids to do in the summer. Local Regal Cinema has $1 kids movies on Tues and Wed mornings and apparently that has been a big hit.

    Good luck to you and enjoy the craziness! :)


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  • Not a SAH but agree with PP on routine.  I have a friend who is a SAHM and they walk everywhere so even going to the store is an adventure.  When I was growing up one of the neighbor moms had a list of all the city parks and would load up her kids every morning and check out a new park where they would have their am snack.  Take a deep breathe, figure out what you would enjoy and think your kids would enjoy and then go explore.  Good luck
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  • I SAH with my 2 1/2 year old. We go to the library one day a week.  Sometimes they have storytime, sometimes they don't but we always go and look at books and play in the preschool room for a while.  In the summer we have a pool pass, so if it is nice enough for the pool to be open and not library day we go there for a few hours.  We bring a lunch with us.  If it isn't too hot we ride over on the bike.  That takes us up to nap time. The rest of the day is nap time and then dinner prep and stuff.  During the rest of the year we go to parks and go grocery shopping or something.  You can make anything into a learning experience.  Kids mostly learn through playing at this age anyway. 
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  • I wouldn't worry. There is plenty of time for learning when they go to school ( preschool ) for now let them play and be kids and of course incorporate some learning weather it be arts and crafts or reading books. Just teach as you go!
  • I've been at home with my kids since I was pregnant with my oldest (now 6yrs) and I agree with everyone's advice here. 

    Schedule your day around meals and naps to get a feel for what your days might look like and maybe try to get out of the house (walk, park, class, swimming, errands, gym, etc.) once a day. Don't feel pressured to entertain them or teach them any curriculum, just play and interact, talk a lot, and find friends of your own! 

    Come over to the SAHMs board and read through some pages of posts, this is discussed often. :) 

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  • I'm a SAHM, I have  kids ages 12y-15 mo. with one more on the way. Having a routine is helpful but to a point. If your day is to routine then you can run into problems when things when stuff comes up and you can't do your normal library day. Things like meals and naps and discipline are very important to stick to routine wise but switching days and things you do can help your LO's adapt better if the unexpected happens. 
    As for learning,  there's all kinds of fun computer games and apps you can play with your LO that will help give you ideas on how, and make it fun. The most important advice I can offer is have fun with your kids! Be that mom that plays on the playground equipment with them, don't be afraid to get dirty and have fun! 
    Good luck, your embarking on one of the hardest, thankless jobs in the world, hope you love it as much as I do!
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