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What would you do?!

Just a question for you moms out there. I have a group of friends going away for my sister in-law's birthday in a few weeks. My daughter will be just turning 6 months during this time. They are going about 2 hours away from home for a weekend but I'm thinking of joining the group for one full day, sleep there and come home first thing in the morning. I am not a fan of leaving my girls, ever, but i'm thinking this might be a good chance for my husband and I to have some time together. I also have to go away for a few nights in October, for business, so I'm thinking this could be a good practice run for myself. I have never left my first daughter until she was 7 years old so this is very hard for me. I am strictly breastfeeding so I would have to figure out what to do with feedings. My question is whether I am being selfish to think of going or would you go away if it was you??  

Re: What would you do?!

  • I am leaving DS overnight for one night for a friend's bachelorette party (I am a bridesmaid). I will be 2.5 hours away and DS will be with DH. He will be about 4.5months. I EBF but have a good freezer stash, so I will just have to pump regularly while I am gone. I am sort of dreading it, but I feel like it's the right thing to do and I know that my baby will be fine and in good hands. If you have someone who you trust 100% to leave her with, your girls will be fine. It's normal and healthy for parents to take a little time away for themselves and their marriage and friendships... Don't you want to model a healthy marriage for your daughters, as well as the importance of taking time out for themselves? I say go for it if you are comfortable with it.


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  • If you can freeze enough milk I would totally go. I think it's important to get a break and it will be a good chance for your husband to spend extra time with them.

    we have left our son for one night with my parents and will do it again in August.  He loves them and I want him to be comfortable sleeping there :). .  

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    I would go and no, it's not selfish at all!  You can pump, your baby will be fine and I bet you'll be really happy you went.  We went away for a full weekend about a month ago and it was really really nice.  I pumped and sure it wasn't the best but it was worth it.  Alone adult time is AMAZING.  
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  • Helll yes I would go.


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  • Yes, absolutely go. It's just 2 hours away(by car, I presume?). If there's an emergency, you can always go back.

  • Will DD take a bottle? Because my little Diva REFUSES and if she hadn't done it yet, it could be a problem at this point.

    But if she does, go for it! 

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  • I think it is fine here and there.  You need time for yourself as well.  We take our little ones to my sister-in-law's house sometimes overnight on Friday's just for my hubby and I to have a date night.
  • Thank you ladies! The trip is this coming weekend and I'm still not sure if we will go. I've been waiting to see if I'd feel more comfortable leaving her and also whether I can pump enough milk to be away for a night (she does take the bottle without a problem). So far I only have 4 extra bottles. Ill see what else I can do between now and Saturday! Thanks again for reminding me it is okay once and awhile. :)
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