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No feeding schedule

Does anyone's LO refuse to be scheduled as far as eating?  My babe is so inconsistent. Sme days, she's up at 4:30 starving, others she'll sleep through till 7 and not be hungry until 7:30/8, drink half the bottle, finish it 30 mins later, then down another one at 9!  

I can not get her into a pattern! 

Re: No feeding schedule

  • Yeah, mine is the same. She likes to wake up at different times everyday. Some days she eats 1 bottle, some days she won't finish it, and other days she takes a whole bottle (5 oz is offered at each feed) and then another 2 oz.  the rest of the day is usually just play it by ear with her feeding. 

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  • Some days dd will eat within 30 of a schedule. Most days however she is all over the place! She still eats twice a night and those feedings are never the same. 

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  • We still EBF and I have never kept a record of how many feedings, when and how long, so I have no idea ... but I don't keep a schedule at all. I know LO tends to wake up at 3 am to eat. But other than that, I don't know.... I feed him when he is hungry.

    When we start solids, it will be more geared to when we are sitting as a family at the table, so I guess a schedule will start then. 

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  • He takes 6 bottles a day and will eat between 5 to 7oz for each bottle. He will go about 2 and a half to every 3 hours between bottles. He will wake up at different times, so the bottles are not given at the same time each day. Yesterday his first bottle was at 6am and today it was at 5:30am. He is only FF since week 10.

  • No feeding schedule here either! (or nap schedule for that matter..) I BF on demand, so it's up to him. If we're out and about or I'm not around for whatever reason, he might go 4-5 hours without eating. If we're just hanging out at home and I'm with him, he might eat every hour or more. 

    Don't worry about a schedule. It's overrated in my opinion, because then you're tied down to it! 

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    Yes! I'm always so impressed when I read about people's feeding/sleeping/playing/any kind of schedule. We're still winging it with all of them. She eats when she wants so I have no idea the time in between feedings. Some days it seems more frequent than others.
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  • No schedule here. At all.  Sigh.
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