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Canine teeth help

Hi all, I mostly lurk over here but since DD is a little ahead of her age with teeth, I'm hoping to find more experienced mamas here.

She is 14 months and got her first four molars already and is now cutting the top two canine teeth. They are taking forever and she is miserable.

None of the teethers I have for her will fit into the gap where the teeth are cutting through, and amber and topical meds aren't helping much. Any tips or tricks for dealing with the canine teeth? How long did it take once they start cutting until they are out?


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Re: Canine teeth help

  • Do you have Sophie the Giraffe teether? My kids loved her when they were teething.

    Also, the kids' baby tooth brushes had a handle that could be gnawed on. I dont remember the brand but it was bought in a regular retail store. Both also loved that, especially when I stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes before giving it to them.
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  • We gave DD frozen yogurt tubes, carrots, cucumbers and celery to chew on. She could kind of mold her food to fit. When it was really bad, we gave her Advil to take the edge off, usually at night to help her sleep so she could have more energy to deal with the pain during the day. Those teeth are mean, and it seems like DD's took a while to come in too. It's tough :(
  • I don't really have any recommendations or suggestions, unfortunately. We usually give Motrin or Tylenol as needed. DS has been working on his upper and lower canines for a couple of weeks now and they still aren't through. Taking. Forever. He is having more trouble with these than any of the others, including his first year molars.
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  • We actually went back to the mesh teething bags and put chunks of frozen fruit in them. Between that and occasionally ibuprofin if he woke up at night, we just had to wait it out. For him, the canines were THE WORST. Far harder than his 12 month molars. They did seem to take forever.


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  • I don't have much advice, but I just wanted to sympathize. Right there with you on the canine fact I was up most of the night with her due to those buggers!

    My DD will not chew on regular teething toys, but she does really like to chew on cold cucumbers. 

    I hope they come through quickly.

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