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Are you showing yet?

Curious to see if any of you girls are showing yet. Second time mom, due in Jan 25 and no sign of a bump yet it's early but I was expecting to start showing earlier this time
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Re: Are you showing yet?

  • STM as well and at 16 weeks I am showing probably like what I was at about 1819 weeks last time. I had a definite bump around 11/12 weeks this time.

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  • 15 weeks here and this the first week that I'm waking up with a definite obvious bump every day....before this it was only apparent to me and grew throughout the day as I ate.


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  • katagskatags
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    FTM almost 16w and no bump. I can see a bit of bulging where some of my intestines have shifted up, and when I eat my stomach definitely grows. But no bump, and I can't even feel my uterus like some people have mentioned. I'm tall, but have a very short torso so i always expected to show pretty early. Guess not.
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  • I'm due the 25th. I see no bump. But I still have a pooch left from dd. I wonder if I would be showing if I had a flat tummy

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  • I am 12 weeks 3 days FTM and I finally have the faintest hint of bump! Only me and DH can tell. It's not obvious in clothes at all yet. So excited!

  • Just over 13 weeks, and not much showing. I can feel my uterus just above my pubic bone and can tell some thing have shifted up, but nothing super noticeable to those who do not know. I'm so ready to start showing so I can stop feeling just a little chunky!

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  • 15 weeks and it's starting to become more obvious to others. I have what looks like bloat from the front, but a little bump from the side. Up until a couple weeks ago, only myself or my H could tell.
  • I'm a FTM I'm 14 going on 15 weeks and showing!! I felt things moving around in there on Sunday and then woke up Monday and had a more defiant bump not just bloat. It's more rounded and feels like a bump not just fat ha ha ha. I'm very excited !! I can't wait to have a belly!!
  • I am 15 weeks and have bump and bloating. I am a STM but my son is 10 so surely my body forgot what to do lol but it didnt. I starting showing quick and I believe alot of it is water bc my weight is picking up quickly. No matter what it is I def look prego!!!!
  • I'm a FTM 13, almost 14 weeks with a definite bump. I'm a thicker girl as it is
    so I wasn't expecting to show this early but it's definitely baby bump, it's hard and round! I had to buy maternity pants for work because I've actually lost weight everywhere else so my clothes were fitting so awkwardly. So as of right now I still weigh less than when I conceived. I love my bump though! I can't stop touching it!
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  • 2Dash2Dash
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    image MarBee1214:
    15 weeks here and this the first week that I'm waking up with a definite obvious bump every day....before this it was only apparent to me and grew throughout the day as I ate.

    This is me exactly - this is my second and I'll be 16 weeks on Thursday.  This is the first week I have woken up with a bump and it looks like a baby bump - not jut evening bloat.

    With DS I didn't show at all until 19-20 weeks - so about a month earlier this time around.

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  • A little, but it's mostly food baby. I can tell in the morning best because I haven't eaten yet.


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  • I'm a STM and 14 weeks. My bump is only obvious to those who know me best. Acquaintances might just think I've gained a few lbs.

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  • km_mdkm_md
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    I am showing a bit already, but I think that it has more to do with my body shape than anything else. 
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  • STM at 16 weeks, showing like I did at 23-24 weeks with my first
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  • image sugarland726:
    A little, but it's mostly food baby. I can tell in the morning best because I haven't eaten yet.

    This is how I am too. Mine looks more like I gained weight (which I've actually lost) than a pg bump. I am thinking the loose skin from my pg with DS is partially to blame.

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  • I'm just about to 15 weeks, and I definitely have a little bump. It wasn't noticeable last week, but it felt like overnight it popped out! I love it, until the end of the day when I start bloating too. Stretchy clothes are my best friend right now!
  • I've been showing since 4 weeks.

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  • Not really much of a bump here I'm a 3rd time mom my stomach feels harder than normal right now so I know the bump is coming. What is really concerning me right now is that I'm not feeling movement regularly. I'm concerned I may have an anterior placenta I think attached in front is that right? Which my Dr told me would not be good if my placenta attached to scar tissue.



  • KEfam5KEfam5
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    STM at 13 weeks and I can see a little bump if I wear tighter clothes. Probably won't be able to hide it for too much longer.
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  • I'm showing a lot! But I'm also having twins. Before I had that obvious bump I just got thicker and then one day it was round!
  • image km_md:
    I am showing a bit already, but I think that it has more to do with my body shape than anything else. 

    This is me too.


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  • I have a bump, but I think it's just organs / stuff shifting around.  It doesn't feel paticularly firm.  I don't remember this stage with my first - when I had a bump that time, it was clearly uterus.  Could be that my abs have just given up the fight the second time around.


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  • Almost 15 weeks. No bump. It's been 7 years since my last pregnancy but I thought for sure I'd have bumped out by now. Just my usual mini-pouch where I keep my extra Reese's cups. Nothing firm and baby oriented. I was bloated for a while but now that that is gone, I'm just me.

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  • STm and 15 weeks, and yes, I am definitely showing.  I wore a more form fitting shirt yeaterday and when i stood up, my cubemate got all excited and was like "THAT wasn't there when i left Thursday!!!".  I was cute.  Of course, I also have the waddle goign on and can tell my hips have already widened / relaxed some.  Fun times ahead ladies!
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  • ccip82ccip82
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    I have a little tiny bump which I am pretty sure is baby...But it is usually obscured by my blump which varies in size depending on whether or not I am constipated...

    STM here.



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  • I'll be 13weeks tomorrow and I've been showing since like 6weeks. At my 8week appointment even my doctor said my uterus was measuring high. At least I'm going to get a ton of use out of my maternity clothes lol.
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  • STM, currently 11 months out from a twin pregnancy, and I started showing much earlier this time, around 12 weeks. I can still hide it with baggy shirts though.
  • Yeah. I definitely have some left over pooch from DS, but it didn't stick out like this before.
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  • FTM here - in the mornings I am pretty flat at 12wks. But as the day progresses my stomach gets bigger. I can also feel my ute and overall i feel more 'puffy' down there.

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