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Waketime activities

I'm so bored with their activities and I think they are too. We have 2 gym mats that I rotate and a bouncy seat. Sometimes I will try an Einstein video. They are too small for jumperoo. Any other play ideas?





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Re: Waketime activities

  • We rotate through exercauser, bumbo, tummy time, time on back, being held, RnP.
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  • I wonder if LO gets bored too. I've never been a baby person so I never knew or now know what to be doing really.
  • I feel like I`m running out of ideas to entertain LO. We go thru the bouncy chair & swing ( which he now has learned how to squirm out of) we watch cat in the hat or Daniel tigers neighborhood. We play on his play mat or just a blanket on the floor (which he now rolls everywhere) we read books, play with toys, play in crib with his toys. When it's not so hot out we take stroller rides. This past week he has wanted to be entertained constantly, used to be he would at least set in his bouncy chair  for a few minutes so I could eat or go to the bathroom.  Finally put him in the car last night and went thru the drive thru so he would go to sleep and I could eat  while in the car while he slept! I will be glad when DH gets off of 16 hour night shifts! 
  • We do the usual activites by the time we get through the list he is ready for a bottle and nap and i almost always have music on:

    Stretches-   Start with this. ?       Stretch his arms and legs in different ways ?       bicycle legs            Tummy Time and Naked Baby Tummy Time Play mat or laying on his back ?       encourage him to grab items dangled in front of him ?       dangle keys or joe on his side to encourage him to roll over ?       show him how to roll over and back   Dance and Sing ?       dance around with him to the music ?       lay him on his back or sit him in his boppy pillow and move his arms and legs in tune with the music. ?       Sing along with the music and show him how to make the sounds ?       Sing nursery Rhymes with him and show him movements that he can mimic. Itsy bitsy spider, paddy cake ect..   Walk around and look at different things (both inside and outside) ?       Walk around with him and show him different things, point to something or hold it up to him and say what it is. Show him how to make the sound with his mouth ?       Show him simple words with movements that he can try to imitate. Example nodding head for yes, shaking his head for no. waving for hello and goodbye, hand to mouth for bottle  ?       Show him shiny things smooth things rough things let him see and feel them ?       If things have a smell let him smell them like flowers or sweet food items soaps ect.. ?       Play with bubbles outside encourage him to watch them and use his hand to pop them. Ball play ?       While sitting  up or on his tummy roll the ball to him and show him how to kick or roll it back
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  • In the morning before first nap is usually tummy mat time....she just started to roll fairly regularly so I just put her on her back and she rolls within minutes.  Hangs out there, sometimes needs to be flipped back.  Usuaully she'll take a bottle in between wake up/nap, so I feed her, then back onto the mat where I play with her. 

    After first nap is when we go somewhere...anywhere.  I actually space out my grocery shopping JUST to get out of the house. Or we go to the chiropractor, or diapers,etc.  If it's a hot day I take her to target in the stroller and walk around.  Usually out and about for 1-1.5 hours. Home for a bottle, some book reading, then time for afternoon nap (each nap is 1.5-2 hours)

    After second nap, if it's nice out, we go for a walk to a park, and I lay her out under the trees. If it's hot, I usually take her some place in the stroller to walk around some more, or more tummy time on the play mat. She's a little less tolerant of just laying around so sometimes I put her outwards facing in the wrap and do some chores. This seems to occupy her for some time... then time for another bottle and her afternoon nap

    After that dads home so he holds her, plays with her...usually a family walk if it's under 80 degrees out.  He does daddy time while I cook dinner.  Bath,  cuddles, singing then bedtime with her final bottle.

    We also practice sitting, practice grabbing thigns, and I put her sitting down on me and singing songs while pulling her back and forth. What really seemed to help tire her out so she takes good long naps and she wasn't bored was getting her out of the house every single day.

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  • Sometimes I feel like we are in the movie ground hogs day :) .

    morning we do activity mat (he will play himself while I get breakfast and wash bottles), then nap 1, then we do sitting (bumbo, boppy, with my assistance), some exersaucer, singing.  Then there is nap 2.  After that its 12-1 ish and we go somewhere (meet people for lunch, to the store, for a walk, to the park) for 2-3 hrs.  Then nap 3 followed by all the play activities listed above.

    i just started a Gymboree class with him and he loved it!  He took a 3 hr nap after it.  I think all the new stuff exhausted him :)

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  • I try to sing lots of songs. If I/he gets bored with them, I'll try to learn a new one.

    I have a bunch of song books, and there's a ton of verses to songs that I don't know yet. Of course I'm also a music teacher.  

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  • DS likes when I run clothes over his face and arms. I use different feels as I fold laundry.
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