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Breast pump through insurance...

Has anyone ever ordered a breast pump through their insurance company? I know that mine covers 100%, I just don't know the in's and out's. I can definitely make a few phone calls but I was just curious if anyone has done this and what the experience was like.

Re: Breast pump through insurance...

  • I haven't ordered mine yet but I have to wait until 30 days before my due date and then contact a supply company that my insurance company uses and order a pump that they have in stock (which changes daily). 
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  • The person I spoke to from my insurance company told me that I would need a prescription for a breast pump from the doctor after delivery in order to be covered, and she listed a bunch of medical supply providers that I can get it from. I'm going to ask my OB more about the specifics at my next appointment, but apparently I have lots of time since I can't get coverage for a pump until the baby is actually here.
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  • I can get my pump anytime but need a prescription for either an electric or manual pump from my OB. I can then get a "standard issue" pump from a local durable medical supplier in town. I am also waiting for my appointment next week to talk to my doctor about it.

    I am switching insurance companies in a month or so (just started a new job) and I might look into what they will offer me and then decide whether to wait or get one now. 

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  • I have to have my dr write a prescription and I did all the registration paperwork. However, I cannot order it until I give birth and then it will arrive in 24 days. I didn't remember to ask what "extras" come with it though. All I know is that it's a medela pump in style advanced. I recommend getting the registering and all that done in advance.
  • I can't get mine until I deliver and I just have to go through the hospital to buy it. They said the hospital will be able to tell me exactly what is covered
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  • I get a standard electric pump covered (still need to hassle them to see which models that would be) and I can't order it until baby is here. I have 60 days to do it once I give birth. 

    My midwife wrote a script. I buy the pump and they reimburse me. 

  • Call your Health insurance. I had to call my company, they have me 3 websites I'm allowed to order from and they said I can't order until the day the baby is born and they would know based on the billing info. Then I called the companies they have a list of approved pumps and that it takes 5 days after the order is placed to confirm with the insurance company, then it takes another 3 days for shipping. So I am borrowing a motor from a friend and buying the parts, so I can pump when my milk comes in until my pump comes in! It's a total hassle cause they're is no point in waiting until the day the kiddo is born but at least it's covered 100

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  • I had to order in advance.  They give me 5 choices only one being hospital grade (Hygeia) so I went with that one.  They mail it out 6 weeks prior to LO's due date.  It was so easy I just called my insurance, went to the website and placed the order.

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