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starting childcare?

Im going to put my son 18months in childcare. Im really nervouse, and happy at the same time. How was it for you??

Re: starting childcare?

  • We started DS in daycare 3 full days a week at 12 months, he's 13 months now. For the most part I think it's going well. He gets to interact with other kids his age and is exposed to a larger variety of foods than we give. His nap times have suffered and he isn't always the best at eating there either, but I've heard that's a normal adjustment for kids and should work itself out. Overall I think it was a good decision for us. Other than needing a little extra TLC when we first get home from daycare, he seems good with it. Good luck!
  • I just went back to work and my dd started daycare at 18 mos. She LOVES it. It has been amazing for us both. She sleeps better and eats better there. I think she is just in that I'm not doing anything mommy and daddy ask phase at home. She hasn't cried once when dropping off. I think it is really important to find a place you and your child really love and don't compromise what's important to you when searching.
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  • Give your DS time to adjust as he will have an adjustment period.  Also he may end up needing to go to bed earlier just because he is so tired from DC.  In the long run he will love playing with his new friends and all the new things to do. 
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  • I think it really depends on your child's personality as well as how he is feeling physically.  DS's first week (shortened days during transition) was great, he loved the new experiences -- playing with kids his age, new toys and games, etc.  Then it hit him that he'll be there every weekday all day (8:30-6 usually), he got really clingy.  But after another week, he's all better again when he realized this is the new routine.  I must say the worst part of it all is how he is sick quite often due to the initial phase when his immune system is hit with all the viruses and germs from all the other children (his class has 10 other kids, then there are other classes too).  So when he wasn't feeling 100%, he was more sensitive and clingy.  Hope your son does well and doesn't get sick very much, then I think his toddler curiosity will keep him happy and busy at daycare. :)
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  • I was super nervous and we started with just two days a week. It is hard at first, especially if she cries. I just always have her a big hug and kiss, told her I loved her and would always be back then be very positive when we were there. I also didn't make a big fuss when leaving the room. I do try and have the teacher interact with her so she is focused on something fun before I leave because when she doesn't cry I am less stressed. 

    My DD will be starting daycare full time in September and I know I will have a hard time with that too. But I know the daycare is a good daycare and that it is good for her. We have noticed a huge improvement with her interaction with kids and she will even come how with a whole new skill set seemingly over night because the other kids speed up learning for her. That is why we send her two days a week now, not because we need to but because it is good for her. 
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