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hitting & tantrums

The past couple of weeks DS has started to hit.  Usually when he doesn't get his way & usually says bad when he does it.  I have no clue what to do to stop it or where he got this from!  Obviously we would never hit him & I don't even say bad.  I tried just ignoring it but its happening more and more.  Any advice?  or any book recommendations on how to discipline at this stage?  Lately his tantrums are happening more & more.  And its embarrassing!  That's what I get for judging other parents before having my own kid :)

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Re: hitting & tantrums

  • DD is also 17 months old, and has been really testing limits lately. She sometimes hits me when she gets frustrated (but never anyone else) while I'm holding her. She's not hitting out of anger or to be mean, I think she's trying to get me to understand. When she hits me, I tell her to touch softly or gently and she does listen. As for discipline though, I'm really at a loss at this age.

    ETA: I thought this was posted on SAIF, and I was like, hey cool ... another Feb mama! Then I realized after I posted that we were on Feb12 :) LOL

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  • DD has started this too. She's only hitting us (DH and I), and it's just random because it's not a frustration thing for her. She'll just randomly run up to us and hit. We tell her "no, that's not nice", and then she'll give a hug instead of her own accord. She will do it to the dog too, and we tell her no, then show her how to pet him and hug him, which is where I think the immediate hug after hit comes from. You're right though, it's really tough to find a way to discipline them at this age. There are some things that are easier, like if she tantrums, and we ignore her she stops, but when it's something that she thinks is funny (like hitting) then it's a lot harder. We're sticking with telling her the behavior is not nice and showing her the right behavior. I have no idea if she understands it or not, but hopefully at some point it will become clearer for her. She's all about control right now. Driving us bananas!

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