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XP: Which is better disposable or re useable swim diaper?

We are going to the beach and I don't know about LO using the built-in swim diaper there.  Which one have you used?  Which to you prefer?   TIA
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Re: XP: Which is better disposable or re useable swim diaper?

  • Definitely disposable for me. 
  • We use iPlay reusable.
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  • I used Imse Vimse reusable, but she never pooped in it so I don't know how well it "works" lol.

    Really swim diapers are for poop, not pee. So they need to be tight enough at the legs and waist to hold in poop. Disposables are not as bulky as regular disposable diapers, but still bulkier than reusable swim diapers, and it seems like they would not work as well. Plus at 12 bucks, reusable is much cheaper than couple of packs of disposable.

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  • Reusable, ditto PP they are just meant to keep poop in if the kid goes.

    We use the reusable ones and never had an issue, of course LO never poops while swimming either. But we also CD all the time.

  • We use bummi reusable and love them. We swim a lot though so I would be spending way to much on disposable ones.
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    reusable...we use them only at the pool.  when in the ocean she uses neither.
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  • I totally like disposable! My opinion is colored by the fact that we had a suit with a built-in when we were on vacation with DD on antibiotics. She had diarrhea in the swimsuit more than once. It was awful and we never could really get the smell out. Tossed the suit. :) Ever since then I just don't get why people love the built-ins. I have no problem using the disposables and the kids don't seem to mind them one bit.
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  • We use a reusable diaper - not specifically meant for swim, but it works.  He's never pooped in it before, but it fits very snugly so I would assume it would contain well.
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  • LisadiLisadi
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     Reusable! I tried various brands and sizes of disposable swim diapers last year. Hated them all.
     I bought one this year from Cotton Babies. DS usually is pretty predictable with his poops. There's only one time, he pooped in it, at home before I had a chance to take it off. (Note to self/advice for others: switch them out of the swim diaper before you leave the pool/spalsh pad!!) It was quite messy as it only snapped on one side vs. both. So, I still had to slide the diaper down over the one leg to get that leg out. Something to think about as you shop for them!
  • We use reusable ones.  The ones we have are Bummis brand and have a cloth inside that really catches poo well.  They are velcro.  I got them for about $10 on Amazon.  The one I have been using I have been using for 2 years since it still fits.  It still works great.
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