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water works

Every little thing sets me off now a days. It will make me really angry at first and then ill go into this huge messy crying fit. And it never seems to stop. It doesn't help that DH is being a pain in my a and no help at all. These hormones really suck and totally affect my everyday life. ::mobile grumpy face::


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Re: water works

  • I feel the same. I cry over the dumbest things sometimes! I have to remind myself it's the hormones and things really aren't that bad.
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  • You're not alone! I'm this way too! I was watching a show on Animal Planet where a boy was talking about a scary encounter with a run away horse at a parade, which he obviously survived because he was there telling the story, and I started crying to the point of hiccuping when they showed the home movie clip. It was ridiculous. 

    Heads up: it will probably be worse for a few weeks postpartum too!

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  • I started full on sobbing while watching Gilmore Girls today! Granted it was a heart tugging episode, but this was ugly cry sobbing.

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    Kenzie born October 9th, 2013
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  • Ahhh yes! Feeling the same...but Iam more Whatever I don't care that turns into Arghhhh I wanna do a kickboxing session to get anger out! Followed by another night of no sleep just makes it worse... DH doesn't know how to act around me and he just frustrates me all the time even when he's being sweet ....Hormones at their worst this week!
    Welcome to 3rd Tri to all of us!!
  • I feel you! It just started too this third trimester. I haven't been over emotional until now and I am actually normally pretty sensitive and cry easy
  • Yep same here - my emotions are out of control :(

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