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Passing a Miscarriage

Ive been activally miscarrying for the last 24 hours and today about five tangerine sized or orange sized clots and tissue came out. How long does this typically last and will the cramps subside?? 

It hurts so bad right now, but I've lost a lot of what i assume is the sac and most of what was in there. I am only 3 feet tall and it seems like a whole lot of blood and clots.  

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  • Sorry for your loss! How far along we're you? If you are concerned about the blood loss call your doctor. They may have you come in to be evaluated. Hope everything passes quickly and you get relief soon.
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  • The doctor says that its natural for the body to flush out a lot cuz the lining of the uterus is so thick. I am more worried about the pain, ive taken some pain medicine that is approved by the doctor and im starting to feel a tiny bit better. 
  • I'm so sorry you are going through this.

    Everybody's amount of pain is different. I only had pain for two hours, but it was insane. It radiated from my back, around the front and down my thighs. It felt just like labor. Once my body passed the clots, the pain was done. I am still bleeding, but it's not much and no more clots. I haven't had any more intense cramping (very mild for an hour here and there, but nothing major). The pain is actually dilation of your cervix; it has to open in order to expel.  I'm glad you found some relief.

  • I was very early in, about 6 weeks is when the Gestational sac stopped growing but I went 11 weeks about, it was hell trying to get into a doctor. Since I am very high risk they should have been more on top of it i feel, it took me almost a month to see anyone about my pregnancy let alone get any advice even with the fact that I had been in the ER around that time.
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    The general rule of thumb is that if you're soaking a pad an hour for 3 hours or more, get to the ER. Different doctors seem to make variations on that advice, though, and I'm not sure if you would need to watch even more carefully since I'm assuming your overall blood volume is lower than average? I think the clots and tissue are pretty normal, although those do sound pretty big. Mine have been much smaller ones, but the cramping is worst soon before they pass.

    I had a lot of cramping on Wednesday, and it got a lot sharper on Thursday. I woke up in the middle of the night on Friday with some really sharp pains and got up since the pain was keeping me awake, and I passed the first clot soon after I got up. Overall, I've been bleeding a full week now, but it was much lighter today and it was pretty light at the beginning. I had cramping and bleeding all weekend, but it kind of came in bursts and then would lessen, off and on. It can be very different for everyone, but that's my experience.


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  • I passed five clots bigger then a tangerine and I've slowed with bleeding today quite a bit. Its like a very heavy period right now but getting slower.
  • I'm sorry for your loss. :( I've been taking a lot of painkillers, drinking hot tea, and putting heating pads on my stomach to help the pain (or hot wash cloths.) It helps some. It's bad enough we have to go through the emotional pain- the physical on top of it is just too much. :P 

    I hope your bleeding stops soon. 

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