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Michael's Birth Story

Do I even need to put a 'long' disclaimer on any of my posts anymore?

 First of all - thank you to my incredible labor buddy meimsx who was awesome about checking in with me and updating me on the well wishes from you guys as well as offering incredible support before during and after labor as I was progressing as well as post partum.  You rock!

 Second of all - thank you everyone for offering your well wishes and congrats!  I cant bump mobile (TB hates windows phones) so while I can read, replying is next to impossible.  So thank you all so much!

Third - TLDR:  Michael was born on 12 July 2013 at 4:43pm after 8.5 hours of labor and 13 mins of pushing, weighing 7lbs, 7.5oz, 19.5 inches long.  I underlined the pushing part below because its funny.


So Thursday 11 July 2013 we went to L&D at night as scheduled for cervadil to ripen cervix.  When we got settled in before inserting the cervadil we checked for any progress....still basically nothing.  I was less than 20% effaced, baby wasn't engaged at all, still at a 1 for dilation.

I woke up cervically fairly sore (historically as some of you all remember I have an irritable cervix not just present in this pregnancy but in sex as well, though also as a lot of you remember I don't like calling the doctor and I have a decently high pain tolerance so I'm more of a wait and work through it type person) and the plan was going to be to check where I was then if possible break my waters.  (Thank you again to meimsx for explaining to me earlier in the week that this was normal and would help kickstart labor b/c I didn't know that/was tiny bit concerned).

Doctor came in about 7:30 to do the cervical check. Overnight the cervadil did soften the cervix but it didn't do much to thin it. I still wasn't dilated past a 1-1+ either.  The doctor decided however to attempt to break my waters at a 1 - which up front I'll say right now was the right decision but was probably the most pain I've experienced in my entire life.  I've cried from pain, shouted etc in my life.....I was shrieking.  DH was pretty shaken.  But once my waters were broken the relief was actually incredible in terms of the pain on my cervix was a ton better than prior.

We started the pit drip around 8am.  By 8:45am I was ok with working (breathing etc, nothing that I needed to express audibly though) through the contractions themselves in terms of the uterus but I was having serious back labor.  We checked and I had actually gone from a 1 to a 3 in that hour from 8am-845am.  Fast!  On the negative side however, we also were able to confirm that baby was sunny side up (explaining the back labor).

The nurse from overnight who had done the cervadil mentioned that they typically like to see women dilated at about a three before doing an epidural otherwise the risk of prolonged labor and c section increases.  By 8:45 am I had a nurse shift change (Heather, who was amazing) though and when I asked about the epi she said the anesthesiologist was headed to a csection (non emergency) but she was going to try to flag him down asap and get him before he was in there because it could be a while otherwise.  She was successful ? and anesthesiologist comes in and places epi about 9am?but epidural didn?t take.  Only my left side was numb and while the pain from contractions and back pain was pretty much taken care of I had some pretty wicked pain in my lower right pelvic area.  Another cervical check revealed that baby was not only sunny side up but his head was turned to the right but since he wasn?t engaged his shoulder was at an angle being pushed into my lower right pelvic area.  Nurse anesthetist gave me a bolas (?) (I called them bonuses haha) in my epi?.did nothing.  At that point the anesthesiologist comes back and says he doesn?t think the epi took and he wants to redo it.  That happens (anesthesiologist said that he can tell when people?s body?s are at the max pain threshold when the natural flinch reaction to the local shot doesn?t even happen) and the second epi allows me to sleep for two hours-ish. 

I woke up around noon ? to the news that I hadn?t really dilated more but I was now 80% effaced?and baby was engaged at a WHOPPING (lol) -2,-3.  Over the next hour and a half through some turning and positioning of me we were able to get baby to face the right way.  And we make it from a 3 to a 7 in those couple hours.  The nurse is still surprised though that I have a large bump in my ribs and stomach ? baby?s feet.  Allllllllllll the way stretched out. 

Then in the next 45 mins (~3:30pm) ?..nurse comes back and before she even checks me I told her ?I can feel this baby in my butt I think we?re going to be a go soon?.  She looks and goes ?I need to call the doctor?you?re at a 9.5.?  I was shocked ? she said the head was a good ways into the vagina.  We do some practice pushes while waiting for the doctor?and we need to stop because basically I?m there.  Nurse also gives me a WONDERFUL perineal massage in the interim and I feel a pop and a gush ? she explains that nope I didn?t poop it was a hymenal band that usually breaks with all vaginal deliveries.  We also remove the urine catheter (which I didn?t realize got removed before delivery but makes sense).

Doctor comes in and we start pushing at 4:30 for real.  After a couple silent but really productive pushing sessions doctor says that baby is crowning and do I want to feel it?  I was surprised it happened that fast so I say sure but I want to see.  Doctor says I can sit up/forward/chin tuck since we?re just waiting on another contraction for the third push?.and I do so and baby?s head pops out!  Everyone was so surprised and I started laughing and literally that tension in my body causes ALL OF BABY to come out!!!!  Everyone was like WTH and the nurse pulls my gown top down and immediately places him covered in blood and vernix right on my chest?.and I burst into happy tears.

Doctor and nurse DH and I all start laughing ? doctor was like ?I have NEVER had that happen.  Ever.?  While doctor delivers placenta and stitches me up (I had some minor minor tears and one second degree towards the perineum ? which I believe would have been more severe if not for the wonderful massage from the nurse) Michael gets weighed ? and more laughter ensues.  The ENTIRE time he isn?t in fetal position.  His legs are straight out, levitated over the table about an inch off of it ? doctor was like baby has amazing core strength?just like mom apparently?his nickname should be pilates baby.  My response was ?well now we all know why I needed that Nexium for the last 3 months!!?

We head up to post partum where I did need to get another cath done ? I couldn?t pee and at about 10ish that night they drained 1.5 liters of urine from my bladder (that was really, really uncomfortable ? I?ve only had one UTI that felt that bad in my life ? and that was the one where I was throwing crystals/clots) because it was not only interfering with the uterus shrinking back down (which helps with the bleeding) ? it was actually pushing it BACK UP.  Whether it was distended bladder or swelling?it was explained to me that this is not uncommon and that usually one cath does the trick ? which it did. 

That night was fairly quiet in terms of being able to sleep ? sat nite was insane cluster feeding and zero sleep.  But we?re home now and last night was pretty good.  DH has been amazing with the help and support ? he pretty much did all diapers fri nite and sat. 

Anecdotes ?

(1)    I glossed over (LOL) how wonderful my nurse for L&D was ? but seriously she was unreal.  Un.real.  I did a little write up for her and our first night?s postpartum nurse but I plan on writing the head of maternity/women?s services at Reston hospital a personal letter to express how amazing she was.  My doc and her apparently have worked together a lot but she wasn?t permanent until just recently at Reston ? something I picked up in conversations while labor prep was going on. 

(2)   I was one of those people who got not one but two of those ?gownies? and brought them to the hospital myself?.AMAZING.  I did wind up wearing a hospital gown while the heavy bleeding was going on so that my second one wouldn?t get totally ruined and the difference was night and day ? snaps vs ties, the fit etc.  LOVED them.


Final words ? I?m totally in love.  I never thought I could feel like this.  My whole world is completely upside down.  I plan on putting some words to paper in the next few days (haha).  I miss you all very much and will be around more but how much obviously is a fluid situation.  Pictures (everyone knows my policy on pictures) is also a fluid situation - more to follow.  Thank you all again!  (And if anyone managed to read all of this you already have the patience of a saint!)



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