Cloth Diapering

Questions on the Basics of Cloth Diapering

My baby is just over two months old, and we're down to the last pack of disposable diapers people gave us as baby shower gifts. I really want to use cloth diapers because they're so much cheaper than disposables and they'll cut down on the amount of trash our house generates.

 So I have two general questions:

-What brands are the best for the price? I don't want to be spending $10-$15 on one diaper, but if the cheaper ones are terrible then maybe I will.

-Do you have to use special detergent? I haven't used special detergent for my baby's clothes and he's been fine. 

Let me know of any other tips you have. 

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Re: Questions on the Basics of Cloth Diapering

  • 1. It will depend on what works for your baby, but I've read a lot of people like Alva, Kawaii, and Sunbaby, which tend to be fairly inexpensive. But they are generally pretty basic dipes.

    2. You just need a cloth diaper safe detergent that also agrees with your water type and baby's skin. We started with the most easily accessible for us, which was Tide Ultra powder, original scent. We use 2 Tbs for each load and we also use it on our baby and regular clothes. Other more common detergents are Tiny Bubbles, Charlie's Soap, Nellies, and I'm sure others can add more. But whatever you use has to be cloth diaper safe. Powders are generally preferred over liquids and scented types are usually avoided. 

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  • Like any diaper, some people love them, others hate them.  It doesn't hurt to try them out and see.

    As far as detergent, I used to use Country Save when I was CDing full time because I could get it locally.  Now I just use All Free & Clear because I am only CDing at night, it's what I already use on everything else, and I have a few friends that use it on their CD's without any issue (they CD full time).

    I referenced this list to make my decision

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  • you can also look into prefolds and covers.  you'd need about 20-24 prefolds and 6 covers.


    prefolds are about $4 each and covers run about $12. 

    4x24 = 96$ and $12x6 = 72$

    so for less than $200 you could have a stash.


    Or you could get some prefolds/covers and some kawaii or alva.


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  • megpegmegpeg
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    We went with alvas and mostly Kawaiis. We have pent just over $200 on 46 diapers.

    we are using rockin green for detergent right now but had samples of country save and liked it.

    you need to use different rash creams too. 

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  • I use the flips system and it works great. I also have prefolds that I tri fold and they work great. 

    Prefolds from cotton babies are around $1.50 and you can get flip covers on sale or during a seconds sale for $7 to $9. Econobum makes a pretty good cover too. I like them.

    I bought. Y wet bags from alva and use a small trash can. I haven't had any problems. 

     I have about 6 or so covers and around 20 inserts for daytime.  I've used them for almost 2 years and everything is still I great shape. I use tiny bubbles detergent too. 

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