3 week old... cluster feeding, fussing - over-supply?

Hi everyone!

I had our first child - Anna Grace - on June 22nd. She was a great latcher from the beginning, and other than some engorgement in the beginning, things are/were going well. She weighed 6.13 at birth, 6.9 at discharge and 7.9 at her two week check-up so she seems to be eating enough!

In the last week, though, DD isn't opening as big to latch - she is almost pinching her lips before latching. She is also getting mad, shaking her head, arching her back and yelling out  in the middle of feedings. About a week ago, she started cluster feeding in the evening which we attributed to a growth spurt, though it's still happening 9 days later... I don't think I have an over-supply, but I've never done this before so I don't really know!

Any suggestions? She never seems full and is often frustrated...

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Re: 3 week old... cluster feeding, fussing - over-supply?

  • maybe an overactive let down?  I would look up that and oversupply on, I found a lot of helpful info there.  For me, laid-back nursing and block feeding helped a ton around that time.  Also, my DD was a cluster feeder in the evenings for a long time - but she STTN very early on, so it was a worthwhile trade off for me :)
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     This sounds similar to my past couple days with my 2 week old so I have no answers but will be watching this thread for opinions. He is more fussy and is super gassy (from both ends) and seems uncomfortable-- writhing and stiffening as he passes gas and the only thing that soothes him seems to be cluster feeding which I then think causes more distress-- he nursed for almost 5 hours yesterday evening and almost continually all night and is starting again now to cluster feed. He pulls off a lot and sputters/chokes at times when eating. I KNOW I have an oversupply and a rapid let down and have been trying block feedings and different positions to try and help this with some effect but not totally. We are seeing the pedi tomorrow so I plan to pursue further with him then. I have no experience with this from my 2 girls.

    Hope your LO (and mine!) feel better soon.


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  • It could also be reflux. Sometimes babies with bad reflux will cluster feed in an attempt to soothe the burn. They also arch back and pull away from the nipple. Dd1 had bad reflux, but hardly spit up she was swelling it poor thing which was deceiving.
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  • Like PP mentioned, it sounds like it could be an overactive letdown.  Around that age with DD I began block feeding, and that made a tremendous difference.  HTH
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