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Sleeping Baby

DD won't wake up today!  She ate last night at 10 and 2 and then 7:45 this morning, which was a long time for her.  At 10:30 she was fussy so I tried to feed her.  She ate for about 4 minutes, I took her off because it was hurting (I'm having tons of issues) and couldn't get her back on, she kept falling asleep.  I could get her to wake up for a minute, but as soon as I started trying to feed her again, she would fall asleep, so I finally gave up.  She's still sleeping and it's 2:30.  So basically she hasn't had a meal for 7 hours.  She probably got less than an ounce last time, but even that was 4 hours ago.

She is almost 4 weeks.  Is this normal?  Should I be trying harder to wake her up to eat?  I've been pumping and bottle feeding some because her tongue is causing latch problems so I give myself a break every once in a while.  I wonder if that's part of why she's giving up so easily, but I don't want to just give her a bottle and perpetuate the problem.  I feel like if she was really that hungry, she would wake up, but it doesn't seem right that she's going so long.



Re: Sleeping Baby

  • We had a day like that a few weeks ago it seemed to proceed a growth spurt. Trust your instincts, she is probably fine if she doesn't have a fever. I would be prepared to deal with a super hungry baby when she does wake up.

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  • She may be going through the three week growth spurt. Did she eat like crazy yesterday or the day before? My DS is doing the same thing today, sleeping all day and not eating as much as usual. It happened at three weeks as well and the next day when he awoke he was physically larger!

    But call your pedi to see if s/he's concerned. And count wet diapers because that's something s/he'll likely ask about. If you're still getting 6 to 8, LO may just have become a more efficient eater, which is totally normal from what I've read.
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  • No idea if that's normal. My DD has days that vary between more time eating and more time sleeping. The pedi told us at the last appt that now that she's past her birth weight, the rule has changed from feeding every 3 hours to never wake a sleeping baby. If you're worried though, a call to your baby's pedi is always a good idea.
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  • I'm dealing with the exact same thing as we speak. He ate at 3:30am after a 5 and a half hour stretch, then at 6:30 then at 10 and a little this afternoon. He was just napping for over 4 hours so I woke him and changed his diaper then offered a breast. He fed for about 3 mins and now is asleep in my lap. I was starting to worry but he doesn't feel feverish and isn't acting strangely otherwise. Hes also had 6 diapers so far today. He's 2 weeks 3 days so we may be on the brink of a growth spurt. He's more than a pound over his birth weight so I'm leaving him be.
  • I wish!! Lol
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  • My LO has been sleeping almost all day today, much more than usual, except to eat. She is 1 month old today. Wondering if this gray rainy weather is part of the reason.

  • Mine sleeps in regularly. She nurses around 5am and regularly refuses to wake up until 10am. I told my pedi that it was like having a teenager: parties all night, refuses to get up, super cranky if forced awake. I try to take advantage of this stretch of "me" time.
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