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Weird things you love about LO

My lo is home sick with me and just fell asleep on my chest. She was breathing with her mouth open and I could smell her little sour milk breath and I thought home much I love that smell even though it's a little weird/gross. What do you mamas love of your LO that some might consider weird?

Re: Weird things you love about LO

  • When DD is really tired and I'm feeding her a bottle, she will take one suck of milk, then stick her thumb in her mouth (with the nipple), and take a few sucks of her thumb.  She goes back and forth between the two until she is done the bottle.  It takes forever for her to finish eating, but I think it's the cutest thing!
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  • I really love how she sleeps now that she rolls over.  She's just completely sprawled out on her tummy, snoring away.  She looks like a passed out drunk frat boy...it cracks me up.

    She also does this new thing were she does this battlecry, grabs both sides of my head by the hair, and puts my chin in her mouth.  It is hilarious/disgusting/terrifying all at once lol.

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  • I thought I was the only weird one who loved milk breath!


  • I too love milk breath...it's odd that something kind of gross is so sweet. I love that when DD falls asleep she curls up one of her hands and it twitches a little. I've noticed it since she was born and its never gone away. Makes me smile everytime!
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  • sometimes while i'm feeding her she reaches up and cups/strokes my chin...it's so funny...or she'll paw at my face like she's drunk or something....in the beginning when i was bf'ing she would like caress my breast....it cracked me up everytime

    i also think it's adorable when she tugs on her ear and rubs her eyes when she's tired...

    and how crazy excited she gets when she sees me shaking up a bottle.... or how she can totally just snap to attention when mickey mouse house clubhouse comes on....or when we play "hot dog" she stops crying

  • It's cute that she is in the stage where everything goes in her mouth. If she can't bring it up to her mouth then she leans down for it. She even tries to eat my toes, of course I don't let her but it is cute to see that twinkle on her eye when she goes for them.

    I put a barrette in her hair for the first time and it was super cute. We took her to the pool and she loves sitting and splashing in the water and floating in her inner tube.
  • I love the milk breath too :) and the chin bite thing is happening a lot here too.... My new favorite odd thing is that my guy has started to grunt when he is angry, not that I want him to be angry but he has such a cute way of showing it (current things that make him angry are getting buckled into the car seat/ stroller or not being allowed to roll on changing table or in tub) so all things Id rather him be mad then avoid :) ... the grunt is too cute though...
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    I thought I was the only weird one who loved milk breath!

    Nope!  Me too.  It was the first thing I thought of when I read the title. I love Jack's milk breath! 


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  • I love that DS likes to chew on his toes, and my fingers, and my nose, and I love that he blows spit bubbles when he's tired, and that he pees in the bath and then laughs about it, and I secretly love that the last time DH went to get DS out of bed in the morning, he cried because he wasn't expecting him. Haha I know that sounds terrible because DS LOVES his dad... but it made me feel special. 
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    I love milk breath too! Actually, I love the open mouthed sleep breathing in general. So stinking cute.

    When I pick up DS at night, he frantically roots at my face; it's so adorable it takes the edge off of the fact that he's still eating every few hours around the clock.
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