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Is anyone else going dairy-free?  I am trying to do it preemptively - my 2nd and 3rd LO's both had a milk protein intolerance, but I went to Alimentum with them, rather than following an elimination diet.  I figured this time around I am going to cut all dairy, but was wondering how long it might take to see any improvements in LO's behavior (gassy, fussy).  TIA! :-)

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  • Hi there!

    We have a MSPI check in on this board every Monday, you should see it on the first page of posts. You're welcome to join us! All our past check ins are archived at

    Many people see improvement in gassiness and fussiness within a week of eliminating dairy, but it can take up to 2-3 weeks to see total improvement. If LO still has symptoms after 3 weeks, it's time to try eliminating soy as well. Be sure to eliminate all dairy, even hidden dairy. I like this page:

    for it's list of hidden dairy ingredients to watch out for. has lots of good dairy-free recipes, and we talk a lot about food in our check-ins.


  • With DD, I saw improvement within a couple of days of eliminating dairy and soy from my diet. 
    DD 11/1/12
    DS 7/16/14
    DD Free from FPIES triggers as of 18 months! 
    Sweet potato, avocado, banana, mango, oats, wheat & rice outgrown.
    Dairy, soy, and peanut allergies outgrown! Allergic to eggs.
    DS MSPI, egg allergy
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