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From rock n play to crib help

Does anyone have experience or advice on how to make this switch?  Afraid LO is going to outgrow her RNP before we can figure out how to get her sleeping in her crib.  She usually falls asleep during the last nursing session, and we put her into the RNP for the night.  If she cries during the night, I can just rock her back to sleep.  Last night, we put her in the crib and she woke right up and stared for awhile, then it was time to roll around and play.  It was too strange a surrounding for her.  She then cried when I'd leave the room.  I eventually put her to sleep in my arms with singing and back into the RNP.  I am scared for a sleepless night for everyone.  I know it won't be seamless, but want to go in a bit more ready rather than blindly!  Thanks in advance :)

Re: From rock n play to crib help

  • There's not really a foolproof plan. Basically, you just have to do it. I think our first night pretty much went exactly like yours (plus we tried it for the first time on a Sunday night and I had work the next day, so that didn't help). I think he did end up back in our room the first night, but after that, he was fine and was sleeping great.  Just keep at it and she'll get used it and will probably end up being more comfortable with the extra space.

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  • We moved Morgan from the RNP to her PNP, first the top bassinet part and then took that out and she sleeps in the bottom. Just yesterday we put her down for a nap in the crib, before she would wake up right away and cry. I think, because it's father down in the PNP that she doesn't wake up when we lay her down anymore. She slept in the crib for 45 minutes, a record for us!!

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  • I was so terrified of moving her from the RNP because I couldn't rock the crib and she already slept horribly. But at about 3.5 months we bought Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit and were forced into putting her in the crib. It was hard at first. We always held her to sleep and then laid her down. How long she slept was always up in the air and still is. But now we put her in the suit in the crib and hold her hand till she falls asleep. All naps and bed time are in crib. We did a few times kinda gently bounce her mattress lol. So that it was a motion of some sort. That didn't last long.
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  • My son was sleeping in his crib, and after a vacation was only sleeping in the RNP.  We have been using the Ferber method to teach him to fall asleep in his crib.  It's our third night and going really well.  Good luck!
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  • Thank you everyone for your input.  We shall see!
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