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Pregnancy Check-in DATES

Happy Monday LGBT bumpies! I've compiled a list of the due dates and teams, please add yourself to the list if I missed you! Welcome to Bcald1 and Knelson! Congrats!


QOTD: Do you have any rituals with your partner around your pregnancy and planning for baby?


Any other updates this week?


Jrtmom ? EDD 8/3/13 Team blue


Only1leia ? EDD 8/13/13 Team green


JoySeattle ? EDD 8/13/13 Team green


Sparkles412 ? EDD 9/8/13 Team green


Songbird ? EDD 9/26/13 Team pink


Kunigunde ? EDD 10/28/13 Team green


ATXmommas ? EDD 11/21/13 Team blue


Mwagner25 ? EDD 11/21/13 Team blue


Mollykelley ? EDD 11/28/13 Team green


Unoriginal ? EDD 12/12/13 Team blue


Mrs&MrsA ? EDD 1/3/14 Team ?


Bcald1 ? EDD 1/?/14 Team ?


AmandaG47 ? EDD 3/7/14 Team ?


Saintjohnsons ? Twins! EDD?


Knelson84 ? EDD? Team ?

M&K met 8/2002 married 6/2012
TTC with RE since March 2012
3 missed O's, 6 IUIs = 1 BFP then 8 w M/C, 5 BFNs
(2 unmedicated IUIs, 2 clomid IUI, 2 femara IUI)
Shared maternity/partner IVF, transfer #1 BFP!
EDD 11/28/13

Re: Pregnancy Check-in DATES

  • In my fifth month now and feeling really good and confident - finally! We had a group meeting with our midwives yesterday where we gathered at someone's house and listened to birth stories and talked about our questions and concerns about pregnancy and birth. It was great to see K open up with these strangers (we were the only gay couple there) and ask the dads how they coped with seeing their wives in pain and what strategies they could pass on. They had a lot of good suggestions and it felt very comfortable to talk in a group.

    QOTD: Every night my wife and I read out of a pregnancy book that says where baby is in development, then she rubs shea butter on my belly and we play a special song for baby. It has become a very special time for us each night and I love it!

    M&K met 8/2002 married 6/2012
    TTC with RE since March 2012
    3 missed O's, 6 IUIs = 1 BFP then 8 w M/C, 5 BFNs
    (2 unmedicated IUIs, 2 clomid IUI, 2 femara IUI)
    Shared maternity/partner IVF, transfer #1 BFP!
    EDD 11/28/13
  • I'm feeling really good these days!  I'm working at home today awaiting the delivery of the dresser we ordered for our little guy's nursery.  We met with a doula on Saturday and Z and I both really like her.  Z isn't too thrilled about spending the extra money on a doula - seems like we have been spending massive amounts of money over the past couple years on wedding, TTC, and now baby stuff - but, I feel very strongly about wanting a doula present to support me, but especially Z, during the delivery.

    Have a couple of day care tours lined up this week.  After this week, we will have visited 3.  Hoping we can feel good about making a decision soon.

    Also, I think we made some headway on the name this weekend!  We're not 100% there, but in much better shape than we were. :-) 

    QOTD:  Z kisses my belly along with me when she leaves for work in the morning. Since he is moving around more now, we usually spend some time in the evenings with her hand on my belly waiting for a kick. 

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  • Congrats to the newly pregnant and new board folks!

    I am officially going to own my waddle this week. It has more to do with my hips and the pain than about the extra weight, or at least that what is seems like. Except when I can feel what feels like the baby balling up sometimes. That causes an extra special waddle. Lol! I also officially had heartburn for the first time yesterday and today. But I still feel that overall i have escaped many of the negative effects of pregnancy. It definitely suits me! We just made our first two week appt on Friday. What!? Where has the time gone?

    The shower is coming up this weekend and I can tell I'm a registry novice but I'm trying to stay on top of purchases and then hurry to remove the same item from another registry. I'm really excited about seeing lots of people that I haven't seen in a while and just celebrating. We didn't have a post wedding party, so there's quite a few folks that have been waiting a long time to celebrate with us.

    I'm also trying to finish up cleaning on my modified abilities before our first guest arrives tomorrow. Oh, and the crib came yesterday! Wild. It looks so good. Can't wait for PIP this week.

    S spends time feeling the baby throughout the day since we are both working from home, but the most special times are early in the morning and late at night. The baby is the most active then but s just spends time feeling my belly and talking to the baby. It's really sweet and my pregnancy hormones have already made me tear up thinking about how special these moments are and how it will be so soon that they'll be gone and our special moments will once again be redefined. I think we both realize how very special these last few weeks are going to be for us.

    DP and I have been together since 1/2007 and had a wedding ceremony 5/11

    IUIs - natural cycle, one cancelled, 2 w/50mg Clomid

    IUI #4 - 5mg Femera, ovidril Jan 2012 BFP!!! Beta 13DPO= 41, 15DPO = 123; 1st u/s at 6w4d HB 132!; 2nd u/s 8w4d HB 179

    EDD 9.26.13

  • Hello! We are 6weeks 3days and my wife feels awful.  She's sick and has insomnia.  It's hard watching it all and not being able to help.  Yesterday I went out and picked up some stuff to help with the sickness, so hopefully that works. I also have to leave her this weekend for a family reunion across the country (my plane ticket was purchased by a friend and we couldn't afford to both go Sad) I hate that she will be alone and totally scared that I'm going to leave and something bad will happen (like another MC). 

    As for the QOTD: I already started reading to Peanut, even though I know he can't hear it yet.  I want to get through the Harry Potter series while he's in the womb.  Oh, we won't know if Peanut is a "he" or "she" until the A/S, but for some reason my wife and I both keep calling P a "he." 


    My name is A, I am wife to J.  After 7 months of ttc and one MC, we are expecting two baby girls in 2014!

  • Hello! We are doing good here.  The only new thing I have developed recently is my inability to sleep.  I find that I am up every 2-3 hours every night from either him kicking me or having to pee.  I am so ready for a good night's sleep.  Aside from that, we are expecting our crib to show up in the next few weeks and are moving things around in the house to start getting the nursery ready. I am super excited to decorate the nursery and have his room set up.   We also finished registering last week which is nice to have done but was pretty overwhelming at the time.  Hope everyone is having a good week. 


    QOTD: Like MK we have a ritual of reading from our baby book... Although once a week is all we can manage to fit in, so every Thursday when I move to the "next week" we read the next chaper from our book.  It is nice to reflect on our growing family and how the little man is developing down there.   

    Same sex couple, Married 8/6/11
    Baby Oliver born 11/27/13

    TTC stats with donor sperm...
    IUI #1 with trigger, 1/4/13 - BFN
    IUI #2 with trigger, 2/1/13 BFN
    IUI #3 with tigger, 2/28/12 BFP EDD 11/21/13
  • 36 weeks tomorrow. We spent the weekend cleaning and doing lots of baby prep. We met with our doula on Saturday and that was great. Tomorrow we have our home visit with the midwife. I'm looking forward to getting confirmation of baby's position (fingers crossed head down, although I think it may be transverse). I also have acupuncture, chiropractor appt and a massage this week! My nana arrives Wednesday evening, and then our party/shower is this Saturday.

    Our rituals, similar to PP, involve C touching and talking to the baby in my belly. We also play music (C made a playlist) and have started singing to baby. We may start reading to the baby now that we have the bookcase and the baby's library all set up. 



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  • jrtmomjrtmom
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    We had our 37 week appointment today, which included a growth scan.  Our baby is still measuring pretty large, at about 19.5 inches and 8 lbs 5 oz.  He looks very healthy though.  My cervix is still very high and closed, and I am having no signs of labor coming anytime soon.  Everything seems to be going well.

    We have been reading the baby a bedtime story every night, which has been fun.  :)   

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  • tdmklmtdmklm
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    Oh oh oh me! Smile Aug 11, team blue.
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