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Pumping question

Every time I pump I get condensation in the tubing. Any where from 3-12 inches into the tubing.  After I pump, I let the machine run to dry it out. I'm pumping at work in air conditioning. I have a Hygeia (it's compatible with Medela parts but I still have all original parts).

Is there a way to prevent this?

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Re: Pumping question

  • It sounds like you might have a small hole or tear in one of your parts. I would replace the tubing and see if that helps.
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    I had an issue with milk in the tubing. I discovered that the yellow valve was not fitting right to the flange part. It would literally fall off. If your pieces are all fitting tightly, I'm out of ideas for you. Cleaning the tubing is a PITA though so hope you find a solution.
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    I've gotten that from time to time and have found that it was either me not putting pieces together tight enough or poor attachment to boob.
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  • Never heard of that brand of ump, but I have condensation in the tubes every time I pump. NOT milk, just condensation. I'm fairly certain that's normal, and just run the pump for a minute after I finish to dry it out,then don't worry about it.


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