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I have a 2 week old son and 19 month old twins. I've not gotten much help with anything from anyone and trying to sleep enough, eat enough and drink enough is so hard. I am not pumping as much anymore and getting concerned my supply is going downhill. I was feeding him then pumping 1 to 2 times per day for the last week and I'm not getting as much now. I know he's growing because he's gained a pound. I'm just so stressed bc I really want to not give up this time around but with the twins around I sometimes have to unlatch him to tend to them and I feel that's just wrong for him. He eats most of the day and very little overnight. He's now 9lbs up from 8 at birth. I'm just so overwhelmed with all this and don't know how to entertain/ distract the other two so I can feed him on demand. How did any of you get your babies to feed more on a schedule? I never had my twins on a schedule they always fed on demand but they had formula. I suppose when he's older it might get easier since he won't keep falling asleep on me and require me to hold him 24/7. Omg I'm so stressed

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  • The first few weeks are so hard; I can't imagine it with toddler twins! I do think babies should feed on demand as much as possible in the early weeks. However, I imagine that is logistically tough for you. Can you get some help with the twins for a bit so you can focus on the baby? As a temporary measure, can you entertain the twins with a quick DVD or have a rule about quiet play or something like that when the baby needs to nurse? Do you have a baby carrier that you can nurse him in while you are tending to the twins? I'm sure you'll find your groove. Try not to stress:(
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    Could you try putting your 2 week old in a sling? Then you wouldnt have to unlatch, you could keep feeding and keep up with the twins as needed.
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  • Hi Dawn, this sounds tough! Will any family on either side come help out, at least for the day? I know its hard but keep pumping every 2 hours and every 3 hours overnight. Have you used any herbs? They have helped my milk supply a lot. I've been drinking Breastea (site is the same name) and taking the malunggay leaf capsules. I've seen quite a bit of increase in my pumping output, as long as I use it daily.
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