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first time "wearing"baby

I have a snuggi baby carrier.  I am a stay at home mom for now, and haven't really had to use the carrier at all,  My LO is just over 6 weeks old.  Yesterday, I decided to wear M so I could get some stuff done around the house.  He was calm when I strapped the carrier on myself, but when I put him in, he threw a screaming FIT, which is completely out of character for him.  I was blessed with a baby who only cries when he has gas.  He grunts and whimpers when he is hungry or needs a diaper change. 

Does anyone have any insight as to what I should do about the carrier?  Do I let him cry it out (it was so hard to hear him like that, I think he was terrified!), or is there a way to introduce it that won't scare him?  Please help!

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    I'm eager to hear some suggestions myself. My LO didn't mind the Moby wrap as a newborn and then I didn't use it for quite some time then at 7 1/2 weeks I wanted to use it again and she screamed. My husband came running and thought she was hurt but she wasn't. I took her out and she was fine. I haven't tried it again. .

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  • I got a carrier the other day from a garage sale and LO didn't like it at first but I made him stay in it because I needed to make dinner. He ended up falling asleep about 5 minutes after I put him in it. I just had to bounce around and run his back like I do when I hold him.
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  • I have a Moby that my daughter LOVES, however, occasionally when I put her in it, she cries for the first few minutes.  I start off thinking she's uncomfortable in some way...  I try first to readjust her in the carrier... making sure feet aren't squished (in 'feet in' positions), or legs are in an awkward position (in 'feet out' positions), skin isn't being pinched, clothes aren't getting pulled funny and that kind of thing. 

    If I can't find something wrong like that, I next check the wrap itself.  If it's too tight or too loose, I will try taking her out, taking off the carrier, and putting it back on.  Sometimes it can be sitting funny and all it takes is to try again. 

    If after all that she's still crying, I walk around with her and try to distract her with something until she calms down (mirrors work really well).  Usually once she's distracted, she becomes very content in the carrier and can stay that way for quite a while.

    Most importantly, you have to be confident, if you're still learning how to wear your carrier, try putting it on and walking around with a doll in it for a bit to get used to the feel of it on yourself.  If you act hesitant while putting LO in, they'll assume something's wrong.

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  • OK, I will try keeping him in it for a little while, even if he is upset.  Maybe it was just the sudden introduction of something new that scared him so much.  I will try it today and see how it goes. 

    I also just ordered a K'tan wrap online-  It is the one I wanted in the beginning, but I was given the one I have, so didn't bother to get it.  Maybe he will feel more secure in this one.


    If anyone else has more suggestions, please let me know. 

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    I have a sling and DD used to love it she would stay in there for hours while I did work or shopped. Now she just gets mad and screams when I put her in it. She is 8 weeks and really wants to be upright. I have gotten our bumbo seat out and she loves it. 


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  • My LO is really only happy in it when she's already drowsy... and then falls asleep. If she wants to play, she doesn't want to be in the carrier. I think she equates that position (on my chest facing me) with sleeping and gets very fidgety if she's not tired. (We have both the K'tan and the mei tai carrier). 
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    OK, I will try keeping him in it for a little while, even if he is upset.nbsp; Maybe it was just the sudden introduction of something new that scared him so much.nbsp; I will try it today and see how it goes.nbsp; I also just ordered a K'tan wrap onlinenbsp; It is the one I wanted in the beginning, but I was given the one I have, so didn't bother to get it.nbsp; Maybe he will feel more secure in this one.nbsp;If anyone else has more suggestions, please let me know.nbsp;

    My daughter cries for 30 seconds every time I put her in, I think it is normal just because it is something new. She then adores being worn and stays happy for an hour or more!


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  • Like PP said, first make sure that there's nothing wrong with them or with the carrier.  Make some small adjustments to be sure.  My LO kept crying in her carrier one day which was not her norm, and it turned out that her sleeper was stretched too tightly on her feet and legs, so I just undid a couple snaps on it and she immediately stopped grumping.

    She also used to start yelling when I put her in the carrier but she'd be quiet once we got outside and then doze off.  Going outside tends to calm her down immediately regardless, so if your LO is the same way then I'd suggest that.  She only recently started going into the carrier without fussing at all, which means that I only recently started wearing her in the house.  Every other time I'd strap her in, deal with the yelling until I got to the front porch (or a couple doors down if she was really worked up), and then enjoy a quiet walk outside.

    I've also had success with bouncing her around, patting her back, talking to her, shushing her and giving her the pacifier during the initial fussing.

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  • Sometimes DD will cry or complain when put in, but I usually give it a few minutes and she relaxes.
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