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B-day ideas for 1 year old niece

I NEED IDEAS!!! Hi sil is pretty picky when it comes to gifts for her LO. My SIL has not really seemed to care for any of my previous gifts for her LO.


Pink Exersaucer.  (she gave it away "until LO was older to use it")

Walker- "LO doesnt care for it. Doesn't know what to do in it"

Door Bouncer- "I dont think she will like It"

Clothes. Tons of outfits, head bands, bathing suits...i have YET to ever see her in any of them.

SI've asked her a few times what she would like for LO's bday since we are flying out to be there. She hasnt given me any ideas yet and asked me what my LO liked at 12 months. Hmm my brother had no ideas since he is in Afganistan until Aug.

So...Ladies....what was you GO to toy, item etc that you LOVED using for your LO at 12 months?

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Re: B-day ideas for 1 year old niece

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