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AW - So proud of A

Today is A's 20th birthday.  I am so proud of him and happy of how far he has come.  Growing up, extended family (on Dink's side) always said he would amount to nothing because he wasn't a jock and got average grades.  But he always had a lot of friends, and has an amazing heart.

  •  He is not into drugs.  Ex-nephew (1 year younger)  spent 1 semester at CSU, only to end up on an ankle bracelet for so many DUI's, underage drinking, and possession charges.  Continues to smoke pot while living at home and going to Community College.  Dink's adopted younger brother (4 months older than A), works part time at McDonald's, lives at home, and is also a pot smoker.
  • He is working in the field he is majoring in.  Yes, he is going to be a mechanic.  The world will always need mechanics, and he is passionate about cars.  He is excelling at work and continues to earn his certifications at both work and school.  SD1 (same age) has dropped out of 2 schools now, and is currently waiting tables.
  • He is not a daddy.  My mom's best friend's (RIP) daughter, who is a year younger than me and has a daughter the same age as A, just became a grandma.  No mention of a dad in any of the announcements or pics posted. Ex-niece, 16, has a 21 yo boyfriend with his own apartment and is also an admitted pot smoker.  Both niece and nephew were favored growing up by Dink's family because they were so athletic.
  • He has a good heart.  He would do anything for anyone, and has an amazing group of friends who truly love and support him.  He's living on his own, and doing wonderfully.
  • Basically, I think he's just an awesome kid.

     I just needed to brag a bit and get the negative mojo from Dink's family off my chest.  

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