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AW - So proud of A

Today is A's 20th birthday.  I am so proud of him and happy of how far he has come.  Growing up, extended family (on Dink's side) always said he would amount to nothing because he wasn't a jock and got average grades.  But he always had a lot of friends, and has an amazing heart.

  •  He is not into drugs.  Ex-nephew (1 year younger)  spent 1 semester at CSU, only to end up on an ankle bracelet for so many DUI's, underage drinking, and possession charges.  Continues to smoke pot while living at home and going to Community College.  Dink's adopted younger brother (4 months older than A), works part time at McDonald's, lives at home, and is also a pot smoker.
  • He is working in the field he is majoring in.  Yes, he is going to be a mechanic.  The world will always need mechanics, and he is passionate about cars.  He is excelling at work and continues to earn his certifications at both work and school.  SD1 (same age) has dropped out of 2 schools now, and is currently waiting tables.
  • He is not a daddy.  My mom's best friend's (RIP) daughter, who is a year younger than me and has a daughter the same age as A, just became a grandma.  No mention of a dad in any of the announcements or pics posted. Ex-niece, 16, has a 21 yo boyfriend with his own apartment and is also an admitted pot smoker.  Both niece and nephew were favored growing up by Dink's family because they were so athletic.
  • He has a good heart.  He would do anything for anyone, and has an amazing group of friends who truly love and support him.  He's living on his own, and doing wonderfully.
  • Basically, I think he's just an awesome kid.

     I just needed to brag a bit and get the negative mojo from Dink's family off my chest.  

    Re: AW - So proud of A

    • SpookoSpooko
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      Sounds like you've done well, Wendi.

    • Happy Birthday, A! I'm glad that he's doing something he loves and he's excelling in it.

      I wouldn't worry too much about Dink's family. It sucks that they were so lame and favored certain grandkids growing up, but you can't make them think the right way. You know that A's awesome, and that's what matters.

    • SigirSigir
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      What a great post and a great future for A! Kudos to you and you deserve to AW this one for sure!
    • Yay!  Congrats to you and A.

      True testament to good mothering I think.  And something I need to remember in my situation.... 

      "he offered her the world. she said she had her own" - poet Monique Duval
    • I am glad you can enjoy this!!!  I was just reading about SD and BM2, and it seems the fun never ends on that front....You deserve this.  Bask in it!  And Happy Bday to A!
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    • I am new, so I had no clue you had any other kids outside of the girls. Sorry.

      Happy Birthday to A and I am so happy for you and him! I am glad he is proving that side wrong and is successful in life. :-)
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    • You have every right to be proud of your son and yourself for getting him there. Good work mama!
      "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." ~ Lao Tzu
    • Thanks ladies.  I'm bummed he couldn't get time off work to come camping with us, but he is going to meet us in Denver for SD2's 16th birthday party.
    • I can only hope I can make similar claims one day. And it is so wonderful to see what you said about him being a mechanic. So many families want their kids to turn into exactly what they have planned for then, and it is refreshing and encouraging to see a mother so proud of her son doing something with the talents and passions God gave him. Mechanics are just as important as doctors. Everyone wants a vehicle.
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