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~*~*Infant Check In*~*~

Good morning, ladies! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and has a good Monday.

Any milestones?


Funny stories?

QOTW: Does your LO have a favorite toy or book? 



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Re: ~*~*Infant Check In*~*~

  • Milestones: Harper turned 8 months old yesterday. I cannot believe how fast this year is going. It makes me kind of sad. I want her to stay a little baby forever. 

    Challenges: She is teething so she has been extra fussy in the evenings. She finally had 1 tooth break through this weekend. I've been giving her teething tablets in the evenings and it helps but sleep has been even more of a struggle lately.

    Funny Stories: I hosted a bridal shower for my sister yesterday and Harper was the life of the party. She was so excited the whole time and kept squealing and cooing. It was really cute. I think she really enjoyed herself :)

    QOTW: She really loves her animal pop up toy. The one where she presses a big button and a little figurine pops up. We have one that plays music and counts and sings ABCs. She finds it very entertaining. She's also really into all of her teether toys. She likes her Sesame Street crinkle book, too. 


    Angel Baby: missed m/c 3/9/2009 at 8 weeks, D&C 3/13/2009 
  • I hope everyone is well rested and having a good Monday!

    Milestones:  M is officially in her crib full time now AND not using a swaddle.  We are putting the RnP away tonight.  I bit the bullet last Wednesday and just put her in it without a swaddle.  She did so much better than I expected.  She also is getting really good at rolling onto her tummy now (hence the no swaddle).  Funny thing is she is really good at rolling from tummy to back and struggles with back to tummy while awake but when she is sleeping she easily gets on her tummy and struggles to get on her back. haha silly girl.

    Challenges:  She keeps getting "stuck" on her tummy in her crib and wakes herself up.  

    Funny stories:  We went to an out of town wedding this weekend and she did wonderful.  The problem was that there was so much going on she didn't want to fall asleep at the wedding.  It was getting late but since I was a bridesmaid I had to stick it out at least through the cake cutting.  Around 9 I still couldn't get her to sleep and one of my friends moms asked if she could take her.  They went on the dance floor and while she was jumping around with really loud music, M fell asleep.  It was so funny because we tried everything but THAT is what put her to sleep!

    QOTW:  M still isn't all that interested in toys but she really likes her stuffed monkey and her little blanket with a teddy bear head (I'm not sure what they are called).  I think she is going to be a blanket girl.

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  • Milestone: Liv will be 4 months old on Wednesday.  She is now officially in her 3-6 month clothes so I spent yesterday going through her closet and pulling out the stuff that doesn't fit anymore.  So sad.  Time is passing way too quickly.

    Challenge: Spitting up is back.  She goes through spurts of doing it a ton and then she won't at all for a few days or even a week.  Yuck.  Hope this phase passes quickly.

    Funny story: Not much to report.  She is a cheese ball all the time now.  All you have to do is look in her direction and she cracks up.

    QOTW: Liv's favorites right now are her blanket and her oball.  She also likes her wubbanub but doesn't use the paci portion, just sucks on the frog's feet. 

  • Hi everyone!

    DS is crawling all over the place and nothing is childproofed. So that's on my immediate to do list! He is the happiest baby and so much fun right now!

    QOTD: his favorite toys seem to be his little hard cover books. He crawls over to them and eats the corners. We also just for him a jumperoo and it's a big hit.
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  • Any milestones? Nothing really different this week. She is so close to giggling.  She'll smile and look like she wants to laugh but nothing comes out.  She has learned to screech though.  It's really cute, high pitched, and LOUD!

    Challenges?  Her hair! It's so fine and baby soft, but it's long and started to get tangled when she's on her back.  I had to cut a little knot out last night.  It made me so sad!  We do brush her hair all the time.  I just need to pay close attention to the back and try to keep this from happening again.

    Funny stories? DH has been the dad that doesn't want to be the bad guy, so he hasn't been putting her on her tummy because he's afraid it will make her mad.  He was so excited to tell me the other day that she was on her tummy for 15 mins.  I just had to laugh to myself, and tell him what a good job he's doing.  She's been enjoying tummy time with me for a while now.

    QOTW: Does your LO have a favorite toy or book? She has this bunny that she loves.  It's a soft shapeless bunny, no fluff inside, so she loves to pull it to her mouth and drool all over it.  It has a little velcro hand so we attached a ring and paci to it so that she doesn't lose the paci on the floor.

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  • Whoa, I belong to this Checkin again!

    Any milestones?
    Not really since she's only 13days old. Her UC fell off a couple days ago.

    She doesn't poop. We've had to give her suppositories twice.

    Funny stories?

    QOTW: Does your LO have a favorite toy or book?
    Her fave right now is me. I feel like I have to hold her all the time or she's fussy.
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  • Any milestones? Not this week, but we've been enjoying her sweet giggles for about a week now, and discovered that she's super ticklish.  DS will tickle her, she will giggle, then he will - then my husband and I follow. Best sound in the world.

    Challenges? STTN.  At 12 weeks, she STTN for about a week straight, then went back to waking up once at night to nurse.  It's not a major deal, since she goes back to sleep immediately after nursing, but I plan to put her in her crib soon, and am not looking forward to waking up and going into her room to nurse.

    Funny stories? Can't think of any.

    QOTW: Does your LO have a favorite toy or book?  Kennedy's quite attached to a little green and pink alligator gym hang toy.  She'll hold it for hours like its her best friend.

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  • Milestones: DS has finally decided to roll over! He did it a few times when he was like 3 months old, but since then (until this weekend) had absolutely no desire to do it again! But on Saturday, he did it like 12 times in a row! He can only roll back to belly, though, and then gets stuck, and angry! He is also so incredibly close to sitting up by himself. He can do it for about 10 seconds, and then starts falling- to the left, right, or straight down to his toes! 

    Challenges: None, really. B is starting to teeth, and had been getting quite cranky in the evenings, but ever since his teething necklaces arrived, he has been much better!

    Funny Stories: My grandmother lives in Switzerland, so we Skype with her at least 3 times a week so she can see B. When we were Skyping on Saturday, she said to me, "Why doesn't Ben like me? He doesn't respond at all when I talk to him!" I tried not to laugh too hard while I explained that he's just too young to understand the concept of Skype, and that he doesn't realize she is talking to him, lol! Then she asked if he could see her, and wondered why he doesn't react to her international game of peek-a-boo... Grandmothers and technology, a hilarious combination!

    QOTW: B loves his "Bob the Beaver" taggie toy, his interlocking rings, and Sophie! Also he really loves his exersaucer! However, he will attempt to put anything you give him in his mouth, and he also enjoys sucking bath water off his fingers! 

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  • Milestones: DD is 7 months today! Can't believe how fast things have gone.

    Challenges: Separation anxiety. I posted a separate thread on it above. Normally she is pretty cheerful overall, but some moments have been rough.

    Funny stories: Nothing in particular.

    GTKY: DD has a favorite blanket (a pink fuzzy one). As far as toys, she tends to go through phases, but right now she is all about lovies, and particularly her Horton the elephant one. And Sophie the giraffe is always a good fall back!

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  • Milestones- DD is sitting without support, getting her knees up so she's on all fours, and can scootch backwards.  Her eating solids has improved, she's accepting different tastes a little bit more. 

    Challenges- keeping her entertained and supervising her all the time now that she's more mobile. 

    Funny stories: we spent a few days with the ILs and at the time she wasn't opening her mouth well to accept a spoon of oatmeal. When she finally did, everyone cheered.  It got old fast when they kept doing it even when she got the idea of opening her mouth. My 7-year-old niece lives her to pieces and still cheered on the last day we were there.  

     QOTW: we have to rotate toys often as she gets bored.  She likes anything she can put in her mouth.  She loves her exersaucer and goes straight for this plastic star thing on it so she can put it in her mouth.   

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  • Milestones: Miss F is working on rolling, but not yet really good at it. She rolled tummy to back twice, by accident, and back to tummy with some (a lot of) help. She's also scooting round in circles and squirming like crazy at diaper changes.

    Challenges: STTN, she had been STTN for a few weeks and I got used to that but I guess she's moving on to the 4month wakeful and is now waking up again once or  twice a night. I hope it is indeed just a phase. 

    Funny stories: While laying on my back, I put her on her tummy on my tummy and she just burst out in laughter when I laughed and my stomach moved, triggering more laughter from me, of course. 

    QOTW: anything she can stick in her mouth and drool on!

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  • Heya, ladies!

    DD is getting all four of her top teeth at the same time, and my goodness. She's a trooper, but still.

    Also, she's really getting into pointing. Everyday she gets more serious about pointing at everything and looking at us for recognition, and sometimes even vocalizing when she points as though to emphasize, hey, what's that?

    Challenges would be pooing, which I've been woe-is-me-ing about lately. But hopefully we're through the worst of it. I'm just sad that I have to be so strict about her diet, because I want her to be able to try new things and not to develop into a picky eater.

    I got a box at a recent shopping trip at Aldi and turned it into a tunnel for DD to crawl through. It's so cute and funny to sit on the other side of it and encourage her to come through.




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  • Hi Everyone!  Sorry I haven't been able to Bump in forever.  My two year old poured blueberry juice on my laptop... laptops do not like blueberry juice.  :( 

    My twins were born on May 6th, so their 2 months vaccinations are their only milestone so far. 

    Challenges.... tons.  It has been wild trying to balance two newborns and a very active, very cunning toddler.  The latest challenge has been convincing Max not to give his brothers solid food.  How does one stress the importance of sharing one minute then say don't share with babies the next>  (FTR, the question mark key no longer works thanks to the blueberry juice.)

    Funny stories.  It took Max almost a full month to stop calling his brothers "Baby" and "The Other One".


    After the first week home, Max came up to me and said, "I no know babies not go home."   Every other baby he has been around went home after a few hours.  He couldn't understand why these ones wouldn't leave.


    After Sam passed some very smelly gas, Max said, "Ewww, Sam farted!" 

    I tried to correct him and said, "No, we say Sam tooted."

    Max looked at me and said, "No mommy.  Sam FARTED," and waved his hands to push away the smell.




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