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Oh, dizziness

You are not welcome. Go away. And take your sister nausea with you. I have a big meeting to prep for and you are completely in my way!

End rant.
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Re: Oh, dizziness

  • My dizziness has been terrible in the mornings lately!  Occasional nausea still reaps its ugly face now & then too. I've found that making sure my morning shower isn't too warm helps out a bit, but really mornings just suck for me in general until I have eaten & been able to really wake up completely.

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  • The dizziness is what bothers me the most. I had BPPV a few years ago and it reminds me too much of that.


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  • I haven't had any serious nausea in about two weeks, just that general icky feeling.  Today, pukey, can hardly stand to do my makeup, and horrible stomach cramps. Went away after about an hour, thankfully!
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