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Anybody think this is their last baby?

My DH and I aren't quite sure if we're done having kids after 2. We just think that 2 kids might be a good number for us so we're definitely considering it. If this is your last pregnancy is there anything you're doing differently? And not to be nosy but how did you come to the decision that this baby would be your last? I'm still so up in the air about it that I'm just kinda wondering what other people think about this subject.  

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Re: Anybody think this is their last baby?

  • I'm planning on this being our last. The reason is I have 2 boys already. Our original plan was to try for a girl if this baby is a third boy, but I told DH I don't want a 4th boy so no matter if baby 3 is a boy or girl we will be done. But I'm not 100 sure about doing a permanent birth control.



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    As of now, I do not think this will be our last. DH would prefer three. I would like three, but I would want a bit more space between this LO and #3. Because we will most likely be living somewhere internationally, I would want DD to be a little more independent first. Traveling long distances with toddlers does not equal fun...

    Since it looks like we most likely will be ending up in Indonesia next, I will definitely be doing a lot of long distance solo air travel with small children.




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  • I am also undecided. Part of me thinks it could be great to only have two, but another part of me really wants 3 or 4. I've always imagined myself with a handful of kids. I love love love kids, even ones that aren't my own. But the reality of being a wife and mom is much different than what I imagined. So we'll see how we feel after two.
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  • I'm pretty sure that regardless of whether this is a boy or a girl it's the last child for us. We may foster or adopt later, but for now this is it. Ben was a horrible sleeper for the first 18 months and I feel like him plus a new baby will be the extent if my patience/energy.

    I plan on using Mirena again after 2 is born then maybe DH will get snipped in 5 years when it will need to be replaced.
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  • My Dh always said two max. We discussed it before we got engaged. I wanted three. But since we had to do ivf this time around and I was on max doses of everything I don't see going for more. I feel like I had a good chance for three we implanted two embryos and only one took. I feel like it was meant to be that we have two and that is it. Also financially I think two is it.

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  • I'm 99% sure this is our last baby.  I think financially, 3 in daycare  and paying for 3 for college would be a whole lot of money and I am not quitting my job and love having a very comfortable lifestyle where we can afford some small luxuries.  I already find one child a little challenging and I have heard a third child can be pretty overwhelming.

    I want my child to have a sibling and didn't feel ready to stop at one.  I'm a little sad knowing this is the last time I'll be pregnant, because I do enjoy it.  But we're not doing anything permanent to prevent any more children, I'll never say never, but we're pretty sure. 

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  • H wants this one to be our last. I would like one more, but I'm not sure if I can emotionally handle another tough pregnancy. At this point, we're more leaning towards this one being our last.

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  • I'm pretty confident this is our last pregnancy, because I'm not willing to do IVF again, and we can't conceive on our own. We're very open to adoption, but if both twins make it through the pregnancy then I think we're done at three.


  • This is our last, regardless of the sex. There is the financial piece, but I just honestly couldn't imagine myself with more. It just feels right for us.  DH is getting the big snip sometime after this LO is born.
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  • I don't think, I know this our last. 

    What am I doing different?  I'm exercising this time around.  Last time, I barely worked out and I gained 80lbs.  I run 5 miles a day/5 days a week. 

    We decided this is our last for a few reasons. For one, I'll be 37 when I deliver. We like to wait 2 years between pregnancies and that would put me at almost 40 if I had another one.   I'm well aware people have babies at over 40, but it's not for me! This pregnancy has been rougher on my body than it was at 33/34.  Financially, two children is what we can afford.  I work part time right now and part time (and full time) daycare is expensive!

    It's a personal decision for everyone.  If I was in my 20's, my tune would be different I'm sure. 

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  • DH and I agreed on four before we got married. Throughout my pregnancy with DD we still said, this is good. We can do four. But as time progressed, four seemed too many. We'd need new vehicles and a new house. So we brought it down to three. However I am really unsettled and personally feeling like two might be enough. I always wanted to know it was my last pregnancy so I could savor everything, but I can see how people go in to a pregnancy without knowing and later realizing it was their last.  Two just feels good, regardless of sex. But I don't know that for certain right now.


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    I'm 99% sure this is our last baby.  I think financially, 3 in daycare  and paying for 3 for college would be a whole lot of money and I am not quitting my job and love having a very comfortable lifestyle where we can afford some small luxuries.  I already find one child a little challenging and I have heard a third child can be pretty overwhelming.

    I want my child to have a sibling and didn't feel ready to stop at one.  I'm a little sad knowing this is the last time I'll be pregnant, because I do enjoy it.  But we're not doing anything permanent to prevent any more children, I'll never say never, but we're pretty sure. 

    I feel very similar. Financially, I feel like 2 makes a lot of things easier and we'll be able to do a lot more fun stuff like traveling or activities for 2 then we could if we had 3 or 4. I also quit my job after my first because I really didn't love sending her to daycare and my DH works long hours at a really good job, so we decided something had to give. We figured if we only have 2 then I can definitely stay out of work until they're both in school and then I'm not out of the workforce for too long.

    I actually considered stopping at 1, but I really wanted DD to have a sibling, and I always thought I would have many children. Now that I have one though I feel like I could be fine stopping at 2. I'm just nervous to do anything permanent and birth control  is a little difficult for me because of migraines. So I guess we'll see!

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  • This is our last for sure, mainly because I just can NOT do the first trimester again, its too hard on me and DH.  We also feel like 2 is a good number, most family offerings are for families of 4, both of us come from families of 4, we can fit 4 in the car easily, etc.  I don't think either of us have imagined having mroe than 2 kids either.
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  • We plan to be done after two children.

    Our reasoning is that it is the financially and economically responsible thing for US to do. We want to be able to support our children without struggling financially, incurring debt, and while giving up minimal lifestyle changes. We won't hand them every thing on a silver platter but we do want to take yearly vacations, have a nice home with land we live in NOVA, it's expensive to own land here, have our horses and keep the kids in whatever activities they'd like extracurricularly. Having a third would put an undue financial strain.

    Not the choice for everyone but its how we feel. We also plan to retire early so that comes in to play. Sounds cold but we think financially and while we want to spend money on certain things we refuse to incur debt.

    That being said we won't do permanent BC options in case something happens to one of us and the surviving person might like to have more children one day.

    Sorry for the novel.
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  • I know this will be our last pregnancy. I have to have too many medical interventions to keep babies cooking. I'm not willing to do it again with two kids running around vs. one, like now. 

    I'll be discussing either a tubal or Essure with my OB to be done the day after delivery.  


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  • This is probably it for us. We always said 2 with an option for 3, but that was before DH decided that he really wants to go to medical school next year. Our financial situation will change drastically, so I don't think it will be very practical to have a third child during that time. When DH is done with med school I'll be 39, which is not an age at which I would like to be pregnant not to mention we'll still have several years of residency and fellowship to get through. So, for practical reasons this one will most likely be our last. I'm a little sad thinking about it, so I'm not in any rush to take any permanent birth control measures, but stopping at 2 makes the most sense for us.

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  • I am completely certain this is our last child. DH and I have nevet wanted more than two.

    The only thing I am doing differently is reminding myself this is the last time I will have to deal with being pregnant when I get cranky. I will be pursuing permanent sterilization as soon as I am cleared by OB after having this baby.

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    This is our last. We just feel like our family will be complete. And for selfish reasons, I'm ready for my body to be my own again and get back into shape for good.
  • For sure, this is our last. I have twin 13 yr old girls and a 6 yr old girl from a previous marriage and he has an 11 yr old girl. We are a blended family and we both agreed this would be it. I am having my 3rd c/s and they are tying my tubes.
  • We don't know yet.   It could go either way.

    However, today, I am feeling really depressed about my weight and I am not sure I want to do this again!
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  • This is our last!  My DH and I are both 36, so age wise, we feel done!  My husband will have a vasectomy this fall/winter.  
  • 99% sure this will be the last.  95% sure if it's another boy. :)
  • Definitely our last. I had that same issue with my second. We just weren't sure if we were done. Now we know for better or worse we are all done. No more pregnancies for me. I think DH will get snipped after this one. I said that I would actually do belly photos for this baby, but here it is almost 12 weeks and I didn't do that yet. Haven't really analyzed if there is anything else I will do differently. I do think I will have newborn photos taken. I didn't do that with my other kids and wish I had those.


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    This is my first, and I've always wanted two, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  I'll be 33 when this child is born, and my husband will turn 40 right after the baby comes.  If we have another one 2.5-3.5 years later, we'll be paying college tuition until he's 65!

    Still, I'm going to see how life goes with one baby, and then we'll make a decision at least a year later. 

  • This is my first, and also may be my last.  DH really only wants one child.  I would like two, but we are going to see how things go with one and then reassess.  I am an only child, and I'm totally fine with it and I know that all the stereotypes are ridiculous, so if we determine that we are good with one, that's where we will end up.  

    There is absolutely no way I would ever even consider more than two kids.   

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  • This is my second and last. Not doing anything differently. I like the way my first pregnancy went so I'm striving for that again. And this is our last based strictly on financials....and even numbers. I was the youngest of three and always felt left out so I decided long ago that I'd have 2 or 4 kids. So then bring in the money aspect, we are stopping at two. I'm doing an elective c section and having my tubes tied after delivery.

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  • I actually thought my last pregnancy would be my last until about the begining of the 3rd tri.  Although we always wanted 3 kids, I didn't feel "done" yet.  When I brought it up to DH, I thought he was going to call me crazy, but he said he felt the same way!

    This baby was not planned, what-so-ever, but we did want a 4th sometime in the future.  I know that this is 100% my last baby.  I just feel done now and I'm actually excited to start our life as a complete family.  A family of SIX!  I do like being pregnant, but I'm ready to be able to drink when I want again.  Ha! ;) 


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  • I have no idea! My husband and I both agreed on 2 or 3. We both come from families of 5 so 3 kids is not odd to us. If this one is a boy I would definitely consider being done with 2. If its a girl I can definitely see us trying one more time for a boy. I don't feel like this is my last pregnancy though. Maybe further down the road but not right now. After DD was born, DH said he wanted 4 and if he got promoted to officer we would have 5. I think he is a little crazy. I think my max is 3. Time will tell....
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  • I'm done after this one--DH would like to keep the door open on baby #3 but we would need a new car, a bigger house and we just can't afford to have 3 kids.  It'll be tight for awhile with having two. 


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    I'm almost certain two is it for us. I'll be 40 when this baby is born and I don't think I could handle another 1st trimester. It also took us a lot longer to conceive this time around so time is definitely not on our side. We weren't even sure we were going to have a second so I'll be completely satisfied with our family of four.
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