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103 all week...

It is going to be 103 and sunny all week where I live.  

Right now I'm having fun going through my close to determine what is the smallest amount of clothing I can wear that is socially acceptable.

How are you all doing in the heat?!  Any dinner/cooking ideas when it gets this bad? 

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Re: 103 all week...

  • When I get home from work, it's pants off, AC down low, and I camp out on the couch with a fan pointed straight at me. It's pretty disgusting outside.

    As far as food, I eat a ton of fruit, drink a lot of water, salads are good, smoothies.
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  • yep - I feel like this is the worst summer in FL in is so muggy outside!  I am living on fruit and salads and grilled fish every now and then...chugging water....

    I am also in the pool as much as I can....

  • It is going to be high 90's w/ high humidity here for the rest of the week...Blah. DH is traveling to FL for work and it isn't even supposed to hit 90 where he is going.


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    It's 10AM and already 104 on our patio.  Today is going to be a rough day. I think I'll go to the local pool for a swim! 

    You don't want to wear as little clothing as possible, you want to wear loose light clothing that will cover you (like indian cotton) and shade your skin.  I hope you were joking (I'm sure you were), but I thought I'd mention it just in case.  I always shake my head and wonder at the people who wear little spandex numbers when it's hot out, sit there baking in the sun and wonder why they feel so terrible.  Cover your skin in something sheer (take a note from people in India!).

  • Well I going to be the one to brag a little bit...this past week it was 99-105 all week this week it is mid 70s-mid 90s all week!! Can I get a hallelujah?! July in the mid west is like a hairdryer on high that does not turn off, our wind is only supposed to be 13-20 mph! I am thrilled!
  • This week it's 107 and some scattered monsoons and dust storms. Sadly as sick as it sounds. This is a cooling trend! We will be back to 117 soon : I just stay inside where it's safe lol

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  • 117!  Oh wow, that is amazing.  Please do sit inside and drink lots of water.

    I am thankful for central AC and the ability to work from home right now! 

    Me: 30 DH: 29
    Expecting our first child!

  • I am staying out of the eat as much as possible. I am a pale ghost this summer
  • Right now it's 97 with a heat index of 104 thanks to all the humidity... Ugh...thank god for AC!

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