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we have a full house...

Brother2 and his fiance had been staying with my Dad since moving out of 2's mold infested garage rental. He's still detoxing from the mold but getting better slowly. They're supposed to leave for Texas before the end of the month.

But I knew my Dad was drinking again, although I didn't realize how much. He's BSC. He woke up drunk and flipped out. Screaming, cursing, threatening B2 and his fiancee. Kicked in 2's computer, threw them out and threatened them if they came back.

So now they're living in my basement, trying to sell enough stuff so that they can leave sooner. I think they're traumatized from living with my dad. They won't even get a glass of water without asking first. They're amazed that I fed them and gave them pillows and blankets.

DH understands but only agreed to a few days. I don't think they have anywhere else to go. I'm hoping I can convince him to give them a week or two so we can get his stuff sold and them on the road. They cook, clean, help with Joey and try to be unobtrusive. Ugh. 

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Re: we have a full house...

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