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Good morning!  If you have a list, post it!  I don't have much work on mine today.


Tidy up the house


Pick up photos


Swim lessons

Work on scrapbook, if both kids take a nap

Farmers market

Pick up milk

Make dinner

Walk the dog

Book club

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Re: To-Do's:

  • Brush dog's teeth


    Grocery store

    Pick up stamps and mail rebates

    Brush dog's out

    Clean kitchen

    Make dinner

    Update H's baby book


    Tidy up the house

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    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Dishes
    Three loads laundry
    Move pack n play to bedroom
    Move baby's clothes
    Take a nap baby up all night
    Write thank you notes
    Construction fun with older ones
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    Stain cleaners at 8:30

    Take a walk IF its not too hot by the time the stain cleaners are done

    Go to SAMs

    Phone interview/ I for session on a possible very part time job at church



    Possibly looking for a new bed


  • Load of laundry

    Clean the living room

    Go get cake ingredients


    Bake "half cake" for DD's half birthday 

    Deep clean the kitchen 

    Put away stuff and bags from our day at the lake

    Family and ILs come over around 4pm for cake

    Clean up 

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  • 2 loads of laundry

    bake oatmeal bars

    make 4 egg sandwiches for breakfasts

    prepare dinner - caprese stuffed chicken, pasta salad, some sort of veggie and grilled pineapple

    empty dishwasher/wash dishes

    trim dogs nails

    email brother about dog sitting

    storytime at library

    lunch with friend 

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  •  Pay bills

    Grocery shopping

    Work: write 2-3 articles and get quote

    Figure out which batteries swing needs

    Call comcast 

    Call breast pump company




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