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Anyone swaddle still?

We stopped swaddling a few weeks ago when the 4 month nonsense started bc I figured he wasn't sleeping well anyway, we may as well get it over with. It was reasonable for about a week and then he started waking nonstop bc he couldn't settle his arms etc. we had one dreadful weekend of no sleep and then broke out the miracle blanket again! He went back to only eating once a night. But he's almost five months!
We are trying no swaddle tonight but I know I'm going to break down in the middle of the night if he wakes constantly! He's not rolling... yet but I know we need to break this. Anyone else still trying to deswaddle?
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Re: Anyone swaddle still?

  • We are not swaddling any more but we stopped at about 5 months. DD is almost 6 months it took us almost a month to completely drop the swaddle actually longer.
    We started with just one arm out. That was the easy part, did that successfully for about a week and the tried to do 2 arms out. She didn't handle both arms out as well, so for about the next 2 weeks we did like half time one arm out, half time 2 arms out. Then we dropped it completely.
    After that I would still swaddle her legs and just have the swaddle around her waist. I mainly kept this for about 2 weeks because I felt like it signified sleep time, so I didn't want to stop it. Just last night was our first full 24 hours with no swaddle at all.
    So really over all it took about 6 weeks, slow and steady. We weren't rushed because she wasn't rolling.
    I don't know if I would do it again that way, but since I am home with her I didn't mind it. If it was while I was working I may have instead just done it cold turkey.
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  • We still swaddle with both arms out. It's really more being used as a wearable blanket, but I think the pressure around her midsection helps DD sleep better. We started with both arms out when DD was 4 months and started rolling, but when we took it off completely she stopped sleeping as well, so back on it went! She is 5 months now and usually wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat, once in awhile she will STTN.

  • We swaddled with the miracle blanket until dd was regularly breaking out of it, which was a week before she turned 5 months. We switched to a halo sleep sack and have not had too many issues. My dd can roll so when she was swaddled I put a rice sock on either side to prevent this. Eventually that did not work either :)

    I read that some babies need to e swaddled until 8 months even so I would do what works for you, use caution with rolling and unswaddle when your baby seems ready.  

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  • I only swaddle when I'm tired of his razor sharp toe nails digging into me while nursing, lol!
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    He became a pro-roller practically overnight on Monday last week so my casual approach of trying one arm at a time was cut short and he got the cold turkey version of being unswaddled.

    Day one had terrible naps (maybe 2 hours all day), night time was not bad since he basically passed out from exhaustion. Day 2 naps were better but night sucked. Day 3 he was essentially back to his normal sleep behavior.

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  • I don't swaddle anymore, but I still use Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit which dampens movement. It's awesome.
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  • We swaddle for nap times. She can never seem to settle during the day without it. She is rolling over, but never while she's swaddled. Plus, since its naps, I have the video monitor with me and keep a close eye. At night, we have to swaddle to settle her down at first, and then I take her arms out and re-wrap the swaddle around her waist. She sleeps like that until morning. She gets up to eat 3-4 times from 8-8

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    We still are swaddling for all naps and bedtime. He can roll front to back but not vice versa. When he starts going back to front we will stop, but he still likes it so I see no reason to stop.
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