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My skin is ridiculously itchy and has been since Friday. I know that it really does come with the territory. But this is 10 fold and I think it may be because of the sun screen I've been using. We went to a mandatory family fun day for DH's unit on Friday. It was at the beach so I made sure to put lots of sun screen on. When I got home, I had this rash forming on my belly and breasts. No where else. DH told me not to put lotion on because it could make the rash worse, so I didn't. Today went went to the beach again and I did use the same sun screen. I played in the shallows for a bit and we left. When I rinsed off at home, the rash was worse!So darn itchy. I can't wear anything. Should I ask my doc about it? And obviously I should probably stop using the sunscreen I've been using.


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