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Poor baby!

We just had to dig a splinter out of his foot that was all red and sore. And now he is walking on his tippy toes.  I feel so bad for the little guy.  :(  Guess I need to start putting shoes on him when we go outside at home.  I rarely make him wear shoes, and the two pairs we have are either too small or too big.  After work tomorrow I'll be taking him shoe shopping.
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Re: Poor baby!

  • Poor thing! Lo is not walking yet so I don't make him wear shoes and he protests when I do, I guess its time to get him some shoes that fit as he too has one pair he is growing out of and one pair that is too big but I bought because they were cute.
  • Jack has only been walking consistently, as his preferred method of transportation, for about a week. I find he fights the shoes less now that he knows he needs them, though I still only put them on him for outside.
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