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Preparing thank you notes in advance

What kind of preparations can I do in advance for thank you notes? What have you done? I want to be able to get them out ASAP after my shower not let procrastination get to me!

Re: Preparing thank you notes in advance

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    I didn't do this but I believe it would help. You can start addressing your envelopes and even put stamps on so that all you have left is to actually write them out and seal them.
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  • The only thing you can really do is address and stamp envelopes. I don't feel like I can start a thank you note if I don't know what I am thanking the person for ... 
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  • I'm not sure that I'd address them. But I would buy the cards, stamps, if you use return address labels print or buy them, and buy envelope seals if you're gonna use them. I send a lot of cards, birthday, anniversary, just because and now that I get all kinds of hand me downs for the baby thank yous. So I made myself a box with everything I need in it and store it by my address book so I can always get them out pronto.

  • Seriously - buy the stamps and have them ready. I've found that not having the stamps is what delays my sending out thank you cards the most. I don't keep stamps around because I pay all my bills online.

    My cards are done and sitting on the coffee table, waiting for me to get stamps right now.

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  • Write out nice things you can say to people you don't really know or who didn't attend. And ways of expressing gratitude even if the gift is weird and never going to be used.

    ^ Those ones took the most work after my wedding. 

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