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Entertainment needed

Hello all,

I am getting ready to take a flight to Hawaii with DS.  My problem, he is a VERY active little boy and gets bored super easy which is followed with tears and etc.  I am trying to find things that will entertain him on the plane.  I have already loaded 2 baby Einstein videos (as much as I do not want him to watch TV this definitelygrabs his attn).....so that covers about 40 minutes of my 5 1/2 hour flight.  Thoughts, ideas HELP!  He is a few days from 6 months old.

TIA ladies :) 

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Re: Entertainment needed

  • Yay! Have fun!

    Well...DD is super entertained by just about everything these days. She looooves books, anything that makes noise when she smacks or shakes it (probably annoying for other folks on the plane, but less annoying than a screaming baby), sparkly things. Hopefully some other folks have more ideas because I don't think I'm much help! It's a shame they don't have a spot on the plane for floor play, haha. DD would roll herself around in circles the entire flight. =)

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  • We flew with DD to Manila when she was 5.5 months old. Her seat had a video monitor but she definitely had zero interest in watching it anyways. The flight was incredibly exhausting because she was either being walked around the plane or nursing pretty much the whole time.

    I'm all about bringing as little as possible but if that isn't your style I've heard to bring a different toy for each hour of the flight.  

  • Ds really likes the Tiny Take Along Arch by Sunny Stroll. Available on Amazon for $19.00 right now. It screws on to a car seat R&P etc. Not sure where it would screw on during the flight, but we get a good 20-30 mins of entertainment out of it. GL! And enjoy Hawaii!! I so wish we were taking a summer vacay. 
  • We took a 6 hour flight and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Something about the flight made her tired and she slept a lot. Besides that, she seems to like anything that lights up, is colorful and makes noise (though too much noise may annoy others on the plane)
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  • My DD likes anything that she can't have (remotes, cell phones, etc). Target has toys of these that look somewhat real. DD loves them. She also loves stackable cups which we got at CVS. I'd also try some organic yogurt melts---that gives me at least 30 minutes while she plays with them, trying to get them to her mouth.
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