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I feel like little kids love batman and superman... Well I'm wondering what exactly are little kids watching or playing with to get into this? I have one child just 2 yrs old, but I see a lot of boys wearing clothes dress up etc. tell me what I'm supposed to watch play with that's appropriate at this age... Tia! We did try a show on TV it was so scary... Maybe there are different ones I'm missing... On demand? Or Netflix?

Re: Batman/superman?

  • I've never thought about this before. DD1 is really into spiderman, but she's only had access to him via the other kids at daycare. They bring their masks in and some of them have books that they bring in. She's never seen a cartoon or programme of him.

    I'm only familiar with the "adult" spiderman films. I wouldn't show those to my pre-schooler. Maybe there are more kid friendly ones? But I don't think it will be a gap in your child's learning if they don't see spiderman on TV until they're older.


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  • I'm not sure I understand why you care if your child has been "taught" to like super heros? DS likes batman and superman because my FIL and DH watch batman cartoons and the avenger movies with him. I really wish DS wasn't exposed to so much TV but it is what it is. Also, DH plays superhero with DS.
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  • Up until a few months ago, my kid had never seen Sesame Street, but he was totally in love with all things Elmo.  They pick it up without seeing the shows.  I'm also confused if you want your kid to be obsessed with these things??  It's not a requirement of childhood. :)


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  • It is not my personal experience that little kids love Batman and Superman. Older kids, yes, but I don't know any younger kids into them.
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  • My son loves his batman pjs that my sister gave him and a batman shirt my DH's aunt gave him. He also loves his spiderman underwear. DS has never seen Batman/Spiderman on TV.
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  • DD is VERY into SpiderMan. For a while she was introducing herself to people as Peter Parker. She started just before 3, and she had somewhere picked up that red and blue together were SpiderMan colors and for a while this was her favorite "color". She continued to show interest for months before I got her a couple of books and eventually watched the first Tobey McGuire movie with her; I had seen the movie before and knew where the scary parts were. I feel like the TM version is more cartoonish and less scary than a lot of superhero movies, and that works for us. My LO does not scare easily. We also put some of the old 60's and 80's cartoons on Netflix. There is a modern Spiderman cartoon but it is clearly preteen and kind of slangish and visually a little "fast" so we don't watch it.

    Late last summer when we did back to school shopping, she shopped almost exclusively for SpiderMan clothes. She got some SpiderMan toys for Christmas. For her birthday she asked for everyday things that were SpiderMan, like a SpiderMan sprinkler and a SpiderMan toothbrush, so she got a few of those things. When she learned to swim I got her SpiderMan dive toys. Now she's learning to read and wants to read easy SpiderMan books.

    It's weird how her little obsession began, and continues. Her best friend at school is now Batman, which I'm pretty sure my child "assigned" her. She is the funniest little girly girl who wears pink dresses every day and looks like a little pink fairy, but now she wears Batman shirts with pink skirts lol. Her mom is less than thrilled at me that she's having a Batman birthday party lol.

    P.S. I don't want it to seem like my daughter has no other interests or toys. She definitely does. It's just that she has shown consistent interest in SpiderMan long enough that I've fed it little by little with toys and clothes that fit. She's started to slowly drop interest and be more interested in other superheroes as well as other things altogether. Lately she is eating up pirates and in particular Jake and the Neverland pirates. I think you need to see what your kid starts to show interest in and then feed that with small toys and books and see if it sticks. It may not be superheroes. It may be princesses or pirates or football or whatever. By letting your child explore their interest now rather than trying to point them toward or away from things you find tasteful or not, you'll show him that you support him just the way he is.

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  • They make books geared towards little kids too. We have at least 5 super hero board books.  My DH is a comic book geek (Batman being the fav.), so we have a lot of stuff around the house and watch the tv cartoons all the time (both newer and old).  Chloe loves Man Man (batman).
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  • hocushocus
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    My kids don't watch the shows or movies. We have the toys and that is enough to be honest.
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    My kids don't watch the shows or movies. We have the toys and that is enough to be honest.

    This. DS likes batman and has some toys but thats b/c batman has some cool cars and toys and flying things and i think that is why DS likes it. He watched the cartoon for like 5 min and didn't like it. Last year it was huge for school kids in his class and everyone was batman for halloween. It was overkill and he just wasn't that into it. He was the only firefighter of his class and i was very proud.

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  • DH got DS into superheroes and he's obsessed.  There are younger kid versions of Avengers, Justice League, etc. available on demand but it really depends on what freaks your kid out.  My kid isn't bothered at all by "bad guys" or whatever.  His favorite thing now is to have DH be Green Goblin, he plays Spiderman and I'm "Mary James."  (that's Mary Jane for the non savvy lol)
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  • AFAIK all the current shows are pretty violent so we don't let DS watch them. The one exception is Superhero Squad, which is on Netflix streaming. There is still some fighting but it's a little less direct. Also like PP said the older/original shows from the 70's aren't AS bad.

    I'm sure DS picked it up from school... it seems like one day he just became OBSESSED with "good guys". It's persisted for several months now. We try to steer him away to other shows and Disney movies but he still wants to watch it a fair bit.

    We love our little guys!
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