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Blanket in crib/toddler bed

My dS is still in a crib. He turned 2 few months ago. He only has a crocheted blanket in his crib. What type of blanket do you keep in the crib? Are there actual crib size comforters or toddler bed comforters I should get? Just wondering what he should use... He seems fine now since its warm out, but curious in general what people do. Also have a regular pillow in there too...

Re: Blanket in crib/toddler bed

  • DD used her two crocheted blankets from the hospital until she moved to a twin bed at 3.  She even used only those in her toddler bed, but we lived in FL and the house temperature hardly ever varied more than a degree or two.  I gave her a travel pillow at 2 (the regular ones just seemed to thick for her little neck).  She didn't start using it until closer to 3 though.

    DS has always used his baby blankets.  He will probably keep using only those until winter, we have moved and it gets a little cold now.  I will probably use the quilt that came with his baby bedding set and warmer pjs at that time.  I don't plan on buying new bedding until he moves to a twin bed.  DS has been using a travel pillow for the last 4 months.    

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  • LO was in a crib until about 2.5 and he always had a sleep sack.  We like to keep it a bit cooler at night in the winter and it was a good way to keep him warm - no losing the blanket.  Also, it kept his chubby legs from getting stuck.

    We never used a pillow in there. I tried a few times but he wasn't interested. Even now after a few months in the big boy bed, he frequently scoots down to sleep flat on the mattress.  

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  • DS mostly uses receiving blankets and other baby blankets. Sometimes he'll use a throw if his are dirty.
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  • I think as long as he can get comfortable, you are doing fine :)  And he should be able to tell you if he's cold, right?  My DDs have all been in a full bed by 20 months so I could use the crib for the next one :)  However, DD1 is almost 4 and just uses a fuzzy throw blanket and her sheet in the full bed.  I find that they squirm so much it doesn't matter (even in the crib).  DD1 and DD2 started with the generic "pillow pet" that is safe for little ones (stitched eyes, etc.) instead of a huge pillow while they were still in the crib, but once they went to the bed (again before age 2), they brought their little pillow pets and also have regular pillows.  It sounds like he's happy with his current situation :)-----BTW, they start out on just the mattresses with safety rails; DD1 just recently got the actual bed, since she can climb up now.

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  • They have toddler bedding sets like this one they are smaller and thinner than regular comforters, that makes them "safer too" because they are not as bulky or thick. The quilt that comes in the baby bedding sets are only meant to be used as decor, if you look on the website where you bought it, it will show it hanging on the wall or over the railing of the crib, when the baby is not in it.
  • DD is still in her crib as well.  She started using a pillow about a month ago (just a small travel pillow) and for a blanket, we've been using Aiden and Anais blankets or crocheted ones that were baby gifts.  While I know that they have crib/toddler bed blankets, I won't be getting her one.  When we move her out of the crib, it will likely be straight into a twin sized bed where she'll have a top sheet and quilt. 

    Last winter, we just put her in her warmer pajamas and used exclusively the heavier crocheted or heavier fleece blankets, but still they were just 'baby' blankets.

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  • My DS has 2 blankets. One thin one I put on him every night and a thicker one I put at the end of the bed in case he gets cold.

     There are toddler bed size bed sets. I have seen them in Walmart and Target.

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  • Up until we moved him to a twin bed, he used whatever baby blanket we had around that was clean


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