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S/O Running - pains?

Where did you hurt after running?

I'm not a runner, but I walked a 5k yesterday (E is 8 weeks old), which was the most I've walked at once in many months. I jogged a bit here and there, and today I'm sore! The weirdest part is that I felt pain/pressure in the crotchal region, like when I was pregnant. WTH? It used to feel like the kid would fall out when I walked, but there's nothing there now!

Re: S/O Running - pains?

  • I have this problem evn without the running. I feel it when I am on my feet or lift anything heavy.  Feels like stuff is trying to fall out.  I'm assuming you already were cleared by your OB.  I was too, but I kind of don't believe him when he said it all looked normal. I am just super fearful of a prolapse. I hope you are feeling better quickly...but I am also hoping this means that this feeling is normal and will eventually go away for me, too!  

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  • It's probably loose ligaments and muscles readjusting. I'm terrified if trying to do sit ups.


    CJ 05/29/2013

  • I second the loose ligaments. My knee hates post pregnancy. I always have to be careful. And, I can't do sit ups because I have the muscle separation. Lame.

  • Glad to know it's somewhat normal. I was feeling fine very soon after my c-section, but waited until my 6 week check up before doing anything. I'll just take it slow, but it feels so good!
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