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Flying at 33 weeks?

I have a business trip next week, not mandatory, that requires me to fly to Portland. I'll have plenty if opportunity to get up about as it's a 3 hr flight followed by 2hr layover and another 2 hr flight. My doc said I can travel up to 30 days out. Part of me is excited and the other part of me is super nervous.

I'm def. not an inexperienced traveler, this is my 5th trip by air whilst pregnant, this one is just close to my DD and I am a FTM. I was 6 weeks preemie and the first child, while I know delivery style isn't influenced by genetics, it is making me a little nervous.

So BTDT moms and anyone else planning to travel by air late in the third tri, what are your thoughts, feeling and experiences on the topic?

Re: Flying at 33 weeks?

  • How long is your business trip? I only ask because a lot of airlines won't let you fly past 34 weeks, and that could fall on your return trip. Definitely check with the airlines policy.

    I personally wouldn't do it. Not so much for the early labor factor but just because I know how exhausting travel is when I'm NOT pregnant.



  • I would do it of I got the okay from my doc and she checked to make sure I wasn't at all dilated. The airline I flew with at 30 weeks won't let you passed 36weeks but yes check your airline rules.
  • I've flown at 36 weeks, returned at 37 and was fine. I think if you've been having complications or a reason why you may go into preterm labor I wouldn't go, but if you are having a healthy pregnancy I'd say go for it. You will be fine!
  • Travel all the time for work here. My dr said I can up to 36 weeks, which most airlines also allow. I will say this much, make sure to drink lots of water...It's a little harder to get comfortable and make sure to get up and walk...expect some puffy ankles and allow for feet up time upon arriving.
  • I'm going to be flying close to 33 weeks and my doctor has no problem with it.  Just because you were a preemie doesn't mean that you will deliver early.
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  • I planning in flying to New Orleans from San Diego at 33 weeks. I am also a ftm, I feel fine with it, but a little nervous. I am glad it's to go see my family so if anything does happen I'll be with them. My Dh won't be there and he is not pleased
  • I travel frequently for work and my OB says I can travel up to 38 weeks. My trips are typically short ones, though, fly in one day and out the next, so I'm not away from home very long. I would definitely ask your doctor and it they are cool with it, I say go. 
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  • I'd say go for it.

    One thing to consider, though, you may want to research what hospitals are in the area you're flying to for just in case purposes. Hope you have a great trip!


  • I don't have any reason to travel by air in the near future, but I would be totally comfortable doing so at 33 weeks!
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  • As long as your doctor doesn't have a problem with it, it should be fine. Just check with the airline. 
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  • I flew at 32 weeks and returned at 33 long as your Dr. says its ok, I think you'll do just fine :-)

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  • I'm a FTM I fly out next week on Tuesday ill be 31 weeks. 5 hour flight from Honolulu to San Jose then back at 33 weeks. If your doctors ok with it you should be good. If you've also had no complications throughout your pregnancy I wouldn't sweat it. Just remember to get up and move around and stretch so you don't swell up or get sore. And maybe take a copy of your medical records with you incase you need to visit the ER they have your info. But that shouldn't happen.

    Safe travels
  • Thank you everyone for the input. It's so nice to get a little reassurance!

    DH is a little concerned, but I think we'll be fine.

    I will be gone 4 nights and will definitely be checking out the area hospitals great call! I called the airline too and they said they used to restrict at 36 weeks but that I don't need a note. No complications so far, no cervical checks yet either I think she said those start at 36 weeks.

    Again, thank you for ALL of the feedback! It's great to see the all of your insights, please know it's all appreciated!

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    I'm flying at 35.5 weeks and my doctor wants me to come in for my regular appointment the day before or day I fly out. He will be doing a cervical check at that appointment. Coincidentally enough, the client I'm visiting is a hospital so I'll be very close to a LD. Hopefully they don't mistake me for a patient.
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  • Haha! That's funny! Good luck safe travels to all of you mommies traveling this trimester!!
  • I'm trying to decide the same thing! To my surprise, my widwife ok'd me traveling at 37 weeks to a wedding, via air. (She actually recommended flying over driving, which was still for the most part an option for us.) I'm not sure whether I want to go. I'm BTDT, though, and DS showed up on time (just ahead by 4 days), so my best guess it that this one will as well.

    I think at 33 weeks you can do it. I did it last pregnancy at 34. As for airlines not letting you fly, just check before you buy and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. Most have no policy/deadline, and those that do are typically 38 weeks (I don't know who said 34, but when I looked at this a few years ago all of the airlines I saw basically said 38 or "any time").

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  • emordaemorda
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    I would check with your doctor first.

    My doctor told me I can't fly anywhere after 32 weeks. I have had a healthy and safe pregnancy so far with out any issues too.

    Good luck!

  • I think that's about the latest I'd fly for work. I'd fly up to 36 weeks for my own pleasure, but there's only so much I'd give for work.
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